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Hello!! 🙂

So this travel diaries post is a little late (well, its actually a LOT late because this trip happened early this year), but I thought it would be nice anyway to share my travel diaries with you guys 🙂 So we took a trip with my family, and family relatives and friends to Bela Bela, an area about 2hr30mins outside of Johannesburg, just for a short little mini break before the new year officially started and everyone had to go back to work and school.

We stayed at the Zebula Waterberg Lodge for 3 nights/4 days (31st Dec-3rd Jan ’17), and I can’t tell you how much I loved being there. Its part of a big nature reserve, so driving in we saw zebras, warthogs, wildebeests, and many other bird species, and from the moment we drove in, I knew, that I was going to do a lot of relaxing on this trip! I was right! lol



The Lodge itself, was beautiful, but being Joburgers, the first thing that we picked up was that we had no cellphone reception, and the WIFI was only available in the reception area of the Lodge and not in the rooms. YOU can IMAGINE how stressful that was for us when we thinking about our social media, whatsapps, and making calls and such. Strangely, it was such a blessing, because we ended up doing what we were there to do. Relax.




Cooling Off!!!!


Cooling off poolside was a daily pleasure!! It was SOOOO hot in Bela Bela, the water looked so inviting, that even my little sister (pictured above), wanted to take a dip every now and then!



My sisters ❤


All we were surrounded by was bush! It made the nights EXTRA special because the stars were so bright, and looked so much larger than in the city, its almost like you could reach out and touch them



The sunsets were definitely spectacular to behold. How the landscape would change to a golden orange shade, the warmth of the sunset, made nights cool yet balmy. It was indeed a great holiday, where we were away from the city. Family, friends, fun, laughter and lots of drinks and merry times!

A great relaxed start to my year indeed.

I would show more images, but there are mostly images with the group we were travelling with, and some of those people do not know I have a blog, and I believe they are entitled to their privacy.

Nevertheless, it was a great few days, ironically, with no network, no reception, but I guess at the end of the day, that is what being in the bush is all about. 🙂

Until the next Travel Diaries which will probably be around March,


Live in Light and Love ❤








That title though!!

Hello Everyone!! 🙂


So, it’s not very often that you will see the term “strech marks” on the blog, but I thought that, since everyone struggles from stretch marks at some point in their life, women AND men, it would be nice for me to share what I use to combat (or rather, keep them away) my stretch mark situation and share that with you! Maybe it might help you too!


So there is ONLY ONE product that helps me quite a bit when it comes to my stretch marks, and believe me it took me a WHILE to find this baby! I have tried them all. I’ve tried the Bio Oil, I’ve tried different creams and oils to combat the stretch mark issue, but NOTHING has worked as effectively as this cream right here. As you know, if you are a woman reading this, our common stretch mark areas are our breasts, hips and buttocks area, arms and sometimes behind the knees. Common. Even men struggle from stretch marks too. My significant other works out quite a lot, and has a “buff” stature, so he struggles from stretch marks around his arms due to the weight change/fluctuation. So, it happens, to the best of us.







This product though!!

It has been my saving grace from stretch marks! Even though they aren’t completely GONE, they are so faint that they are hardly visible unless you focus intently looking for them, lol. Who does that? LOL. A family member introduced me to this cream, and since i started using it over 5 years ago, I have not looked back!


Available at a Clicks, Dischem or even some Pick n Pay or Spar stores, this cream is easily accessible and not hard to find. Of course they normally put it in the baby section, because it IS an Antenatal Cream, for  pregnant women during pregnancy. It retails for around R80 for the tube and R110 for the bigger size with the pump.


Now, I use this religiously. Every day, morning and night.

DISCLAIMER: No, I am not pregnant… right now. LOL




Happy Event comes with pure olive oil integrated into the cream which proves effective when trying to fight stretchmarks. This cream has a high concentration of:

  • Vitamin A (powerful antioxidant, great for vision, neurological functions).

  • Vitamin E  (Effective for fighting heart disease, balancing cholesterol, also repairing damaged skin).

  • Carotene  ( the yellow/orange pigment that the body converts into Vitamin A)

  • Squalene  (pigment often used in cosmetics and moisturizers)


So essentially what this product does, is that it maintains the regulation of the skins moisturizing systems, while Olive Oil aids in toning, healing and tightening or rather, firming the skin up. It assists the skin in being able to renew itself, so this is beneficial especially if you are someone whose weight fluctuates quite a bit from time to time. The product, as it says on the site, is NOT JUST FOR PREGNANT moms. Anyone can use it, especially if you suffer from rapid weight gain or loss.


Its my best kept secret too! 🙂 I love this product, and since using it, the stretchmarks have been kept at bay. I HARDLY see them.

P.S STRETCHMARKS ARE NOT A BAD THING. Please don’t let this blog post give you that impression. Stretchmarks are your story. Your history. Your journey. I just use this product for my own personal reasons. If you love your stretchmarks, then girrrllll keep em! ❤ 🙂





Have you heard of this cream? What do you use for stretch marks?


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤









Hell Everyone! ❤

So women who read this blog post know of the truth behind that title. Right? Women often have to go through the most stressful, sometimes difficult, to downright dumbest things at times. Things that MEN have the pleasure of NOT having to experience! So I was thinking about it the other day, and came up with ten different things that women have to go through- struggles struggles struggles!


It’s a funny and light read, of some very poignant truth women face! Let me know if you agree! ❤





This is a fairly easy one to start with right? I call her Valerie, but there are many terms for this horrendous period of our lives where we just bleed for a couple of days, experience some pain, have our mood switch uncontrollably and we are just supposed to go on like nothing ever happened?! Its frustrating!! Being on our period is pretty much the struggles of 99,9% of women around the world!



This one right here is currently the BANE of my existence! An enigma, sent to my life to test me! They always say that don’t ever ask a girl with winged eye liner why she’s late! Its so true! It is one of the hardest things to do, takes so much focus and precision, it’s absolutely, positively ANNOYING!


Where do I begin though!!! Unlike men, who can walk around looking like gorillas all day everyday, we women have been stuck with society’s rules of having to shave! Like EVERYTHING off! Underarms, Brazilian Strips (you know where that is! LOL), Legs, Face… FREAKIN everywhere! Takes up so much time, it’s honestly SO frustrating!



See now this, I HATE. Arrrrgggg!!! (rolling my eyes). There is nothing I hate more that deciding what hairstyle I should do, and how every month, I am sitting cracking my skull about what hair style I’m going for next! 😦 These are the times where a shaved bald head would suit me just fine! If only I had the courage 😦 This is pretty much how it is: weave? braids? If weave, what KIND of weave? Long, short, cut? If braids, what kind of style. Arg. Just…. arg.



Ok, so this one is another one that I never thought I would include, but honestly, it is relatively important! LOL! Naturally, I have EXTREMELY bushy eye brow hairs! Like so bad that one level higher and I’d have a mono brow! LOL! I constantly have to Shape my brows at the salon! I hate it, its costly, and I pretty much have to do it every two weeks! If I want my eye brows to look somewhat normal, and appropriate, I have no other option!



Wearing heels, is a struggle! LOL, yeah sure, it looks good, but they are a pain in the ass! The higher they are, often means how you will begin counting how many steps it takes to get to your car from the house door, lol. Determining whether you will be standing or seated at the event you’re attending in those killer heels. These are things you have to know before putting heels on! REAL STRUGGLES!



Nothing is as TERRIFYING as the moment you realize that your period is late when you’re not expecting it to be! . LOL. Sometimes we are lucky enough that it is just stress, and long days and nights, other times…LOL, Other times you might have to reach into your brain and think about your little moments where you may have not been focusing, and may have slipped up! Until Valerie comes, you are pretty much stressed out of your mind thinking…what if… I’m… LOL.


Yea, sure! Boobs look great in a beautiful bra… but bras are uncomfortable, and feel like they are weighing your whole chest area down, especially if you are a “gifted” woman if you know what I mean!!! LOL.When it’s not a bra that looks like it was passed down from your gran, its the underwire that pokes into your skin at the most INOPPORTUNE times! LOL! Nothing feels good like removing it after a long day! Bras are annoying. Yea, I said it.



This one urks the HECK out of me! Everytime we lose our cool, or get genuinely ANGRY over something,, we are told to “chill” (another phrase i hate), or we are told we are just being over emotional! The struggle of having to explain that “this has nothing to do with me being over emotional, I’m just ANGRY” is soooo annoying! Then you will have the male friends that ask you when was the last time you got laid because you are so tightly “wound up” GET YO LIFE!!!



You can’t tell me I’m the only one who hates this right? LOL! Your nails freshly done from the salon, and not even half an hour later, you find a chip on one nail. You don’t know how it got there, not it just throws off your whole nail polish colour and design, and its pretty much the only thing you can see! SO ANNOYING!



That is it from me! Anything else that you struggle with as a woman? Let me know!


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤


Motivational Monday| Gratitude

Reflection 3


Hello Loves ❤


Monday’s often bring that time, that moment where one reflects on the week before, while preparing themselves for the week ahead. Thinking about it all weekend, I couldn’t help but think about all the small blessings that have come into my life, that I forget to be thankful for.


We seem to always find ourselves so overwhelmed by the stresses of life, that we always put ourselves into this “funk” where we want the world to pity us, and people to feel sorry for us.

Have you ever considered the blessings that you do have already though? If you are reading this, It means you woke up today, be thankful. It means you can see this to be able to read it, be thankful. It means you have a phone, or laptop, desktop to read this off of, be thankful. We spend so much of our time complaining, about who did this, or who DIDN’T do that, we always play the victim game, that we just simply forget how GOOD we actually have it! We are sooooo blessed!


Take today to remember gratitude. To remember how favoured you are, and how well and good you have it. Things could’ve been much worse. You have so much to be thankful for. Remember that one, today.


That’s all I ask, start today off with a grateful heart. ❤


Reflections 2.txt


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤


Steps TO Take Before Pursuing a Serious Relationship | Life

What To Consider




Hello Everyone!


I’m sure the title must throw you off a little right? LOL

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I hardly ever, if never, dive in to the “Relationship” file, because… well, just because I dont! However, often I find myself being the Oprah in my friends lives, and I get asked for relationship advice quite a lot! LOL, Believe you me, I have no idea what it is about me that makes people ask, I mean, I don’t have a smooth sailing track record about relationships myself!


I have learnt a thing or two though, and do not mind sharing what I think might help, if you are considering getting into a serious relationship, or thinking of being serious with your current partner. Now, I’m not trained relationship expert, but people tend to take my advice a lot, so I don’t mind sharing. Use it, don’t use it, that is completely up to you 🙂









Have you ever heard someone ask you “what do you want?” in a relationship? Or say to you “you don’t know what you want…”. This first point addresses just that. You need to know and understand yourself so well, that you know what you want from a relationship (so what boxes should it tick off for you? what will you accept, and what won’t you accept?). It is very important to know yourself, in all aspects. Know yourself emotionally. Know yourself mentally and sexually for that matter. This puts you in a strong INDEPENDENT place to handle all that comes with a relationship. Once you have that deeper understanding of yourself, then,  according to me, you have done  the groundwork before laying down a foundation with someone else.





This is another important factor to consider when getting into something serious with someone new. The things they say to you, and how they act around you and such, is EXTREMELY important to take note of. There is a saying that “when people show you who they REALLY are, believe them”. If the person who claims to care for you and wants a relationship with you, but treats you poorly (always cancels dates, arrives late, gives you attitude for it, and often has rude side remarks), take that VERY seriously. It is usually a great indication of what will happen in your relationship going forward, should you choose to pursue it. Even with the good things they do (hopefully), take that very seriously too. Those a factors that help you determine how this person will be treating you going forward. So pay attention…






Now, here me out on this one. I am not saying cut your family and friends out of your life, lol, NO. I am however saying that if you are seriously considering being exclusive and serious with someone, your family and friends must be kept at a distance. So, psychologically. Not physically. I’ve struggled with this in my relationships when I was younger because I’m so close to my family and friends that I would tell them everything! Not good! The reason being, because you want to be able to protect your loved one from your family (there are certain things about your relationship your family doesn’t need to know, like 80%). When you fight, your family doesn’t need to know everything- that taints the image they may have of him/her. Make your own decisions. Do not solicit the advise of friends EVERYTIME you have a fight or disagreement with your partner. Not everyone has the best intentions for you. So put yourself in a place where you are comfortable letting friends and family know the bare minimum about your relationship. It gives it more privacy, maturity, and no outside forces with a chance to enter and impact which direction the relationship goes. I mean its ok to go for family lunches, dates, vacations with the family, movie nights with friends, other couples- however keep your business to yourself. LEARN THIS.




Make sure you communicate well with your prospective love match. This is important. Communication is one of the most important keys to a surviving relationship, because you will be talking and going through situations every single day. So you need to learn how to communicate and ensure that you talk things through. Communication is also being able to talk AND LISTEN. It is not a one way street. Screaming and shouting, is not communication. Engage in multiple conversations with this person first before jumping into a relationship. That way you get to know them a lot more first. Their interests, likes, dislikes, pet peeves, etc.





This is so important. Often people start things out by trying to impress and we act like we are perfect, with our hair and nails done to the T, and dressed to the nines always. We go the extra mile to impress. At FIRST, and that’s ok. However, you need to shed the need to impress early on, especially once you’ve begun getting serious and just be yourself. Give an honest representation of who you are, and what you are about. In that way, you leave nothing out, and the person knows that what they see is what they are surely going to get. Ensure that you are a honest and forthright as you possibly can. No one wants life changing surprises 6 months into loving someone. No. So ensure that you are yourself, and take the things you say and do seriously in that relationship.



I hope these help…! Do you have any other tips?? Comment below and let us all know! If you would like to see more relationship related material on my blog, comment below and let me know!


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤










Hello hey!!


Now as much as you guys know how much I love my makeup, I also take so much importance into taking care of my skin. It’s soooo important! I few months ago, I went through a “dry phase” where my facial skin was JUST NOT WORKING WITH ME.


I was breaking out, and had patches of dry skin all over my face, and the biggest patches were around my cheeks and nose area. I will not lie, this made me feel so self conscious of the way I looked. What bothered me even more, is that (and all women who wear makeup will agree to this), we use makeup to cover up marks, scars, pigmentation, breakouts and such to feel a little bit better about being out and about, but the problem with my situation then was that, the dry patches would be visible THROUGH my makeup! 😦 It was a nightmare! This was until a lady who works in skincare, suggested I try this mask! The results: WHHHOOOOOPPPP!!!! That’s all I’m saying!




This mask seriously packs a serious punch! as the name says “mositure surge”, the mask is packed full of hydration properties to help you skin restore the moisture it has lost. Great for moments when your skin tends to be dry. The mask IS OIL FREE too, which is great but more importantly for me I love the fact that it is recommended for all skin types. So ANYONE with any type of skin issue can use this mask! Winning!


You apply it on like you would moisturizer, and the trick with this one is YOU do NOT wash it off, which is normally the case with overnight masks anyway (as the name states, lol, duh). It helps your skin regenerate and replenish all the moisture that may have been lost during the day. Leaves your skin glowing the following morning, but more importantly RE HYDRATED. I love it! 🙂 You don’t have to use it every day, but I use it at least once a week in summer and it’ll probably be 2-3 times a week in winter as my facial skin tends to get dry. Its smooth and very easy to apply. As with most Clinique Skincare products it is great as it is fragrance free.


It retails from any Clinique counter for R470.00





  • Easy to apply.
  • Feels soft and non irritating to the skin
  • Boosts hydration and leaves skin soft, glowy and plump in the morning
  • It is OIL FREE
  • Great for all skin types



  • The Price


Other than the price (it is quite pricey for a mask), but Clinique is a high end brand, so really I’m not surprised. A little goes a long way with this product, so you will only buy it once every couple of months. So it is worth it!


I love it!





Have you tried the Moisture Surge range? what do you think of it?


Until the next review,



Live in Light and Love ❤









Hello Everyone!!!

It is Monday again, and it is important to get the week started more so by remembering not to be so hard on ourselves. We live in a society where being “perfect ” is smiled upon, and being IMPERFECT, is mostly, frowned upon. If not all the time. This blog post is inspired by that in the past week, I realised that it is OK not to be happy all the time. It’s ok to be angry, to not take bull crap lying down, to hate that your eye brows today look like distant friends, rather than sisters, lol. It’s OK to NOT BE OK with certain things about you that make you come across as imperfect. As long you don’t live in that space, in that mentality forever.


Society tells us that beautiful, is long sleek hair, skinny body and perfectly dolled up face and a blinding white Colgate smile. Yet here we are, waking up with skin that tells you that it’s angry with you, crooked teeth, and a half shaven off eyebrow and you STILL feel the need to be perfect. No.


Your clumsiness- continuously falling over, not looking “put together”, and you think that this is wrong because it makes you seem imperfect? How about this- maybe it is one of the most endearing things about you? It makes you so relatable, like Bridget Jones is to my life!!! LOL

So what if your stocking rips halfway through the day, or for a short while you end up with spinach on your teeth and you have no idea, yet you going on and having a fat chat with your colleagues… lol, ITS OK!!!


My imperfections sure, I’ll tell you


  • The one side of my face, looks bigger than the other, so basically I dont have that cute slimline jaw like every woman should, I basically look like a man on one side of my face. 
  • My teeth, they aren’t perfectly straight, I hate that, but hey, what can you do. I’ve accepted them.
  • I’m clumsy, always falling, dropping things, tripping over myself.
  • I look more like Jill Scott, than Halle Berry, and that’s ok. I’m not TRYING to look like Halle, I’m not hiding myself in that manner.
  • I tend to act now and think later. That is ok, but not always, and THAT’s ok. 


So essentially, start off this Monday by not being so hard on yourself. So what you are different and don’t act and think like everyone else? That is what makes you YOU!!! That is what makes you so striking, so unique, so DIFFERENT. No one wants to be exactly the same as the next person. Change they way you see your imperfections. They are not flaws, they are an extension of you… Be vulnerable. Nothing shows more signs of strength than being able to be vulnerable, unequivocally. It shows that, no matter what happens next, you can handle it. Be grateful, everyday. No matter how much you hate your teeth, be grateful you even HAVE them! Lol, ok even I chuckled at that but you know what I mean!


Mostly importantly, remember:




Start your Monday off right, and take it easy on yourself for a little bit ❤


Until the next one,


Live in Life and Love ❤








Hey guys!!! 🙂


If you are someone that knows me very well, and you are reading this right now, you DEFINITELY know how I’m not a very big fan of online shopping. When it comes to online shopping I’m often the BIGGEST pessimist! 😦 I think about how “safe” it is putting all my personal information (i.e card details) on the internet, because I know, every put on the interent never really goes away. I get paranoia over my accounts being hacked, losing all my money, and on the online shopping side, not liking what I receive because I didn’t physically SEE or FEEL it, OR TRY IT ON, when I bought it.


That is why for me ONLINE shopping has always been questionable. However, it IS the 21st century and I told myself that I need to TRY at least once or twice and feel it out. So, the first time around, I bought beauty products that I was re-purchasing basically, because UI wanted to see how it would go, and how long it would take til they arrived. Normally it was over the space of about 2-3days. Which was ok with me…. just oookkkkkk (Its not like being at the store and getting immediately, which I prefer more really). It was when I bought something online, from a store in Canada, that I wasn’t too impressed.




The sunglasses pictured in the beginning of this blog post, is ONE pair of TWO shades that I bought from a store in Canada online called

The reason I took the plunge is not only because the shades looked beautiful, but they were quite cheap at around R250 each. I did this, thinking that if they don’t ever arrive, I wont feel TOOOO bad about having lost the money, unlike if I had spent thousands of ZAR’s on them.

As much as I really love the ONE PAIR that arrived, I was quite disappointed with everything else, regarding this transaction.




  • The pair of Sunglasses that arrived are beautiful, good quality, sturdy and strong, and not flimsy. I like that.




  • Only one pair of Sunglasses arrived.
  • They were supposed to arrive at my office, I paid an extra charge, but they did not, I ended up having to pick them up at the Post Office.
  • The package I picked up, you could tell they the package was bigger, and that something else got “detached” from it (the other pair of sunnies got stolen I assume).
  • The package took over 3 MONTHS to arrive! I had already forgotten them by the time I received the text that they’d arrived. 😦
  • I still had to pay ANOTHER fee when arriving at the PO.


Overall, I was disappointed, and it made me a little bit more wary when it comes to online shopping. I know that it’s different, with different online stores, but I’m not sure if online shopping is for me. I’m not stopping per se, I’m just going to buy online with stores that have bases in South Africa too. Thats all I’m saying!




  • You do it from the comfort of your home, (great for the lazy shopper!!!) LOL.


  • Anytime, anywhere. On your laptop, or on your phone to can shop online, at any time of the day.


  • Saves you the trouble of having to go into the shops, so saves you time to do other things that may be of more priority to you.


  • No waiting in Lines, or Long queues!


  • No annoying crowds! LOL




  • NOT quite knowing whether a store is illegitimate or not.


  • Shipping costs, and other costs you are often unaware of.


  • Sizing and clothing “cuts” (if you’re buying clothes) might be difficult to gauge if you cant actually fit anything on


  • Not being physically able to look at, touch, feel and inspect the products before they arrive, to decide whether you like them or not.


  • The task of returning things, and refunding when things arrive damaged and such.


Thus, online shopping has it’s pro’s and con’s.


For me…. whether I like it or not- the jury is still OUT on that one.


Do you enjoy online shopping or not?

Let me know!


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤







LETS START OVER| Motivational Monday







Hello, good morning and Hi!!!! 🙂


It’s the beginning of a new week, and essentially we are still in the beginning of a new year! How are you doing? I trust you are well…

As with tradition on the Gentleorchid Blog page, we start off some of our Mondays with Motivational Monday posts. how convenient is the title though, considering this time of the year? Lets start over!




For me,  January often presents us with not only a platform for new opportunity, but a chance to start over, start fresh, turn over a new leaf, do things differently, whichever! January. You get that chance to change things. Create new beginnings, do things differently. This is often why a new year presents the time to look at your goals, and make resolutions, because the beginning of a new year, often feels like a cleanse of sorts, like you are a new person, renewed in who you are, what you are about, and being given another chance to change that, or better it.


A new year is a chance to reflect, and think about all the moments that you went thorough the previous year. The highs, the lows, the joys and the pain. What destroyed you, what made you stronger. The moments where you were not yourself, and the moments you’d rather forget.




Let the beginning this week, and the first month of the year, be the the week you start to truly consolidate what you want from 2017. What you want to change, what you want to do better, goals you want to achieve. Actually take it seriously, consolidate and write t down.


  • STEP 1: Consolidate what you want from yourself in 2017. Set your goals, write it down, and structure it in terms of priority.


  • STEP 2: Set TIMELINES! If there are goals you want to achieve this year, evaluate them in terms of which are easiest to achieve, and set those first as short term goals, and the harder ones, set as long term goals, and give yourself a longer time frame in order to achieve them. Set the timelines because it is important to follow a set guideline with time frames. This stops you from procrastinating too long, getting lazy and keep putting it off. Challenge yourself to achieve all you need to in the set time frame or shorter.


  • STEP 3: ENCOURAGEMENT! You have to remember to keep encouraging yourself and rewarding yourself every time you achieve a particular milestone. When you reward yourself you are also indirectly encouraging yourself to keep pushing forward so you can reward yourself again. It’s the biggest motivator.


  • STEP 4: STAY CONSISTENT! I know it is so easy to “run out of steam” especially when things aren’t going too well. You often get inclined to give up and give in. This is the moment you keep pushing. The moment that feeling sets in and you feel like you need to give up, then you know at that moment, is when you need to push even harder. Consistency is key to ensuring that you achieve your goals and milestones!


  • STEP 5: DON’T give up! Keep going! When you achieve one goal, work on achieving the next, and the next, and the next!!! KEEP going!


So my Motivational Monday piece is, its NOT too late to start over, start afresh!! Have a GREAT week!


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤


Lessons 2016 Taught ME| Life







January is essentially the month where you often think back on what 2016 has taught you. The games, the moments, the laughter, the setbacks, the growth, the promises that you make to yourself, in the hopes you will make the next year a different one.


2016 like I said in the NEW YEAR, NEW ME blog post which you can find here, 2016 was emotionally, mentally a very rough year for me. I devoted a lot of time to my work, blog work, Beauty Corner SA Youtube Channel, and days for family and friends were often limited. I made great new friends, I met new blogger friends, created new relationships, as well as lost some relationships too. However, with everything bad that happened, I often took it as a lesson. If I lost contact with someone, I often tried to see the positive behind it. Maybe me and that person were only meant for a season, only a chapter, but that wasn’t a lifelong friendship. Family life was hard, there were some extremely trying times here and there, but as always we got through them.


Therefore, in keeping with the New Year New Me theme, I felt it necessary to reflect on some of the things that I went through in 2016, share them with you, and hope you share some of them with me too.




  • Everything changes. Nothing stays the same- it can change for the better or for the worst, but what remains is change is constant.


  • Not all people are meant to stay in your journey of life. Some people are only there but for a season, and there is a reason for that.


  • Once people show you who they REALLY are, BELIEVE them.


  • Not everyone wants to see you succeed. They want to see what happens in your life, but purely to just keep tabs on you. Nothing more and nothing less.


  • Valuing yourself is EXTREMELY important. Once you value yourself, you indirectly show the world to value YOU. You set the boundaries, for people to come to you correct, and respect you.


  • RESPECT and TRUST- are EARNED. This, does not happen overnight.


  • Your passion for something, should be your biggest motivation. If you are not passionate about something, you often approach it half- heartedly. That is doing yourself, and it, a serious injustice.


  • Keeping most things about yourself and your life a mystery, is one of the biggest favours you can do for yourself. Not everyone needs to know what you’re doing, when and where.


  • If something does not directly involve you, STAY out of it.


  • Trash talk is not for me. I was surrounded by many people who talked trash, and hid it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, as long as they don’t impose it on others.


  • Not every smile towards you, is REALLY a genuine smile.


  • Meat is not the only protein you can ingest. You have no idea how much of a revelation this is to a meat lover. LOL.


  • Loving yourself, IS HARD. Judging yourself often comes easier.


  • Friends, genuine friends, are blessings. Show some gratitude in your friendships. Keep in contact, stay relevant.


  • Blessings come in different ways. Learn to spot them. Show some gratitude.



That were my 2016 lessons.


What were yours?


Let me know!


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤