It’s that time again!

The 4th installment of Taking Stock ….


Making: Plans in my head for how I need to just sleep for a few hours.

Cooking: up video ideas for the Beauty Corner SA channel.

Drinking: Water. Trying to drink more water this year. I’ve started off quite well. Now… Momentum 

Reading: A great novel by a South African Author called “Naledi”. By Dudu Busani- Dube. ❤ Loving it so far!

Wanting: A new phone cover case- I’m so fickle with my phone cases. Get bored quickly.



Looking: for my traffic fine ticket. It expired in Oct 2016, I think now is a right time to pay. LOL

Playing: Yuna “Chapters” in the back ❤

Wasting:  time deciding  on making another big investment decision for this year. You investment, and you grow. My motto.

Wishing: that I can get a sign. I’m stuck at a major crossroads, and I’m not quite sure where to head next.

Enjoying: Being back at work. Being productive, being busy. I hate being idle. 

Waiting: For lunch to come THRUUUUU!!! LOL 

Liking: Lianne La Havas “Blood” Album ❤ 



Wondering: If this is the year of change. For me. 

Loving: New shoes I received for Christmas. I look for occasions to be able to wear them!


Hoping: For doors to be open, and so far so good 🙂 . 

Needing: Some alone time, just to sleep. My sleep patterns are shocking lately. 

Smelling: My perfume, that my sister gifted me for Christmas. Narcisso Rodriguez Eau Parfum ❤ Enough to make you pass out, that’s how amazing it is.

Wearing: Black T-shirt and Jeans and Nike Free Sneakers.

Knowing: That this too shall pass. 

Thinking: About Beauty Corner SA and Gentleorchid. Beaming with plans and ideas!

Feeling: Humbled at how quickly things can change

Opening: Myself up to a new year. New memories, new experiences.

Giggling:Nope, sadly I’m not! 


Until the next one,


Live in Life and Love ❤


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Lifetime Friend <3 Lover of Love.... No Bullshitter, God's Child, Lifestyle Blogger DrEaM, CrEaTe, AcHeIvE, INSPIRE!!!

3 thoughts on “TAKING STOCK 4… | LIFE

  1. Loving the taking stock posts.

    As for the traffic fine, rather wait to payfor it when you renew your license should it pop up on their system LOL.

    Crossing fingers that it doesn’t….


  2. Those shoes are lovely hun,they are versatile as well.Would’ve worn them time for like the hundredth time if they were mine lol,try camomile tea before bedtime for a good night sleep.Lovely post hun


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