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So I had the GREAT pleasure of being invited to the Clarins Spa Salon in Johannesburg, by my good friend Liz from The Fragrance Queen, and Clarins South Africa. Oh my GOODNESS and WHAT A TIME I HAD!!! ❤


The event started in the afternoon and went on for about three hours, but I must tell you, those 3 hours felt like 2mins!! I guess time does really fly by when you are having fun right? If you know me, you know I’ve been a Clarins lover for years now, so when I walked into the salon, I was like a little kid in a candy store!! 🙂 I was in heaven! ❤








So, initially I thought that the inviting of the bloggers was to introduce a new Clarins product, however instead it was TEN TIMES better! We were actually there to get some special Clarins treatments done! The shock on my face was CRAZY! So it was essentially va treatment day of two amazing treatments.


My first treatment was the:


Duration: 60 mins

Entails: A fully body “well being” massage, intended to relax and calm the body and mind, while relieving tension and stress.

This treatment for me was AMAZING!!! My spa therapist, Pamela, was soooo great at relaxing my body, and the oils she used were hot and from Clarins. It was insane. I had so many knots on my back and shoulder area, and by the time she was finished, it honestly felt like my back was so much lighter and feeling SO much better!! ❤ I LOVED THIS MASSAGE. I genuinely haven’t had a massage like that in a LONG time.

You can get this treatment done at a Clarins Spa Salon for R650.00




This facial though!!!! LOL, let me say, it was an experience!!! It was the first time I had a “peel” done, and goodness, what an experience! The difference about this facial is that the therapist will ask you what products you use on your face, and what skin type you are, so as to deduce what Clarins products best work for your face and skin type. On my skin, the recommended products she used on me were the Blue Orchid Oil and the Double Serum, which she suggested are the best for my dehydrated skin. These are all the products she used on my face below: img_5002


Duration: 60 Mins

Entails: A reviving treatment to boost the skins luminosity and help diminish the first signs of ageing, for a smoother more replenished skin.

Cost: R700


When I got up from that bed, my body and skin had never felt more better! I was relaxed, happy, and my skin looked SOOOO good, and hydrated!

Honestly, one of the BEST events I’ve attended since being a blogger thanks to Liz and Clarins South Africa ❤



Now, if you have read til this far, I have some GREAT news for one of my followers which reside in the Gauteng area! Keep reading!!!











So, the lovely ladies at Clarins South Africa wanted to do a little something EXTRA special for one of my lovely followers, specially from Clarins South Africa!




  • The Potential Prize Winner must be from the Gauteng Area, as the prize involves a trip to the Clarins Skin Spa Salon.
  • The Potential Prize winner must follow the “clarinssouthafrica” Instagram page, as well as the “Gentleorchid_Blog” Instagram page. 


  • The Potential Prize Winner must also pull one of the pictures from this blog page, put in one THEIR Instagram page, tagging both Clarins and Genteorchid Blog, and stating why the think that deserve the prize!! 


  • THE WINNER will be announced a WEEK from today on the Gentleorchid_Blog Instagram page, and shortly after will be contacted by Clarins SA to make arrangements regarding their prize!!


  • You are only allowed to enter ONCE. 




The prize is a visit to the Clarins Spa Salon located in Illovo Johannesburg, for a CLARINS SIGNATURE MASSAGE to the value of R650.00 for FREE!!! Spoil yourself and get pampered with Clarins!! :)This massage brings pleasure to ALL your senses!!! ❤




The winner will be announced a week from today on the Gentleorchid_Blog Ijnstagram page! All the best!!


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤


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