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Hello!! 🙂

So this travel diaries post is a little late (well, its actually a LOT late because this trip happened early this year), but I thought it would be nice anyway to share my travel diaries with you guys 🙂 So we took a trip with my family, and family relatives and friends to Bela Bela, an area about 2hr30mins outside of Johannesburg, just for a short little mini break before the new year officially started and everyone had to go back to work and school.

We stayed at the Zebula Waterberg Lodge for 3 nights/4 days (31st Dec-3rd Jan ’17), and I can’t tell you how much I loved being there. Its part of a big nature reserve, so driving in we saw zebras, warthogs, wildebeests, and many other bird species, and from the moment we drove in, I knew, that I was going to do a lot of relaxing on this trip! I was right! lol



The Lodge itself, was beautiful, but being Joburgers, the first thing that we picked up was that we had no cellphone reception, and the WIFI was only available in the reception area of the Lodge and not in the rooms. YOU can IMAGINE how stressful that was for us when we thinking about our social media, whatsapps, and making calls and such. Strangely, it was such a blessing, because we ended up doing what we were there to do. Relax.




Cooling Off!!!!


Cooling off poolside was a daily pleasure!! It was SOOOO hot in Bela Bela, the water looked so inviting, that even my little sister (pictured above), wanted to take a dip every now and then!



My sisters ❤


All we were surrounded by was bush! It made the nights EXTRA special because the stars were so bright, and looked so much larger than in the city, its almost like you could reach out and touch them



The sunsets were definitely spectacular to behold. How the landscape would change to a golden orange shade, the warmth of the sunset, made nights cool yet balmy. It was indeed a great holiday, where we were away from the city. Family, friends, fun, laughter and lots of drinks and merry times!

A great relaxed start to my year indeed.

I would show more images, but there are mostly images with the group we were travelling with, and some of those people do not know I have a blog, and I believe they are entitled to their privacy.

Nevertheless, it was a great few days, ironically, with no network, no reception, but I guess at the end of the day, that is what being in the bush is all about. 🙂

Until the next Travel Diaries which will probably be around March,


Live in Light and Love ❤


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