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Hello Everyone!! 🙂


So, it’s not very often that you will see the term “strech marks” on the blog, but I thought that, since everyone struggles from stretch marks at some point in their life, women AND men, it would be nice for me to share what I use to combat (or rather, keep them away) my stretch mark situation and share that with you! Maybe it might help you too!


So there is ONLY ONE product that helps me quite a bit when it comes to my stretch marks, and believe me it took me a WHILE to find this baby! I have tried them all. I’ve tried the Bio Oil, I’ve tried different creams and oils to combat the stretch mark issue, but NOTHING has worked as effectively as this cream right here. As you know, if you are a woman reading this, our common stretch mark areas are our breasts, hips and buttocks area, arms and sometimes behind the knees. Common. Even men struggle from stretch marks too. My significant other works out quite a lot, and has a “buff” stature, so he struggles from stretch marks around his arms due to the weight change/fluctuation. So, it happens, to the best of us.







This product though!!

It has been my saving grace from stretch marks! Even though they aren’t completely GONE, they are so faint that they are hardly visible unless you focus intently looking for them, lol. Who does that? LOL. A family member introduced me to this cream, and since i started using it over 5 years ago, I have not looked back!


Available at a Clicks, Dischem or even some Pick n Pay or Spar stores, this cream is easily accessible and not hard to find. Of course they normally put it in the baby section, because it IS an Antenatal Cream, for  pregnant women during pregnancy. It retails for around R80 for the tube and R110 for the bigger size with the pump.


Now, I use this religiously. Every day, morning and night.

DISCLAIMER: No, I am not pregnant… right now. LOL




Happy Event comes with pure olive oil integrated into the cream which proves effective when trying to fight stretchmarks. This cream has a high concentration of:

  • Vitamin A (powerful antioxidant, great for vision, neurological functions).

  • Vitamin E  (Effective for fighting heart disease, balancing cholesterol, also repairing damaged skin).

  • Carotene  ( the yellow/orange pigment that the body converts into Vitamin A)

  • Squalene  (pigment often used in cosmetics and moisturizers)


So essentially what this product does, is that it maintains the regulation of the skins moisturizing systems, while Olive Oil aids in toning, healing and tightening or rather, firming the skin up. It assists the skin in being able to renew itself, so this is beneficial especially if you are someone whose weight fluctuates quite a bit from time to time. The product, as it says on the site, is NOT JUST FOR PREGNANT moms. Anyone can use it, especially if you suffer from rapid weight gain or loss.


Its my best kept secret too! 🙂 I love this product, and since using it, the stretchmarks have been kept at bay. I HARDLY see them.

P.S STRETCHMARKS ARE NOT A BAD THING. Please don’t let this blog post give you that impression. Stretchmarks are your story. Your history. Your journey. I just use this product for my own personal reasons. If you love your stretchmarks, then girrrllll keep em! ❤ 🙂





Have you heard of this cream? What do you use for stretch marks?


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤


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    1. A actually agree with you!!! When I used Bio Oil too, it smoothed out the surface area of my skin where the stretchmarks were, but did nothing more! This is amazing, you will love it!


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