Hello Everyone!!!

It is Monday again, and it is important to get the week started more so by remembering not to be so hard on ourselves. We live in a society where being “perfect ” is smiled upon, and being IMPERFECT, is mostly, frowned upon. If not all the time. This blog post is inspired by that in the past week, I realised that it is OK not to be happy all the time. It’s ok to be angry, to not take bull crap lying down, to hate that your eye brows today look like distant friends, rather than sisters, lol. It’s OK to NOT BE OK with certain things about you that make you come across as imperfect. As long you don’t live in that space, in that mentality forever.


Society tells us that beautiful, is long sleek hair, skinny body and perfectly dolled up face and a blinding white Colgate smile. Yet here we are, waking up with skin that tells you that it’s angry with you, crooked teeth, and a half shaven off eyebrow and you STILL feel the need to be perfect. No.


Your clumsiness- continuously falling over, not looking “put together”, and you think that this is wrong because it makes you seem imperfect? How about this- maybe it is one of the most endearing things about you? It makes you so relatable, like Bridget Jones is to my life!!! LOL

So what if your stocking rips halfway through the day, or for a short while you end up with spinach on your teeth and you have no idea, yet you going on and having a fat chat with your colleagues… lol, ITS OK!!!


My imperfections sure, I’ll tell you


  • The one side of my face, looks bigger than the other, so basically I dont have that cute slimline jaw like every woman should, I basically look like a man on one side of my face. 
  • My teeth, they aren’t perfectly straight, I hate that, but hey, what can you do. I’ve accepted them.
  • I’m clumsy, always falling, dropping things, tripping over myself.
  • I look more like Jill Scott, than Halle Berry, and that’s ok. I’m not TRYING to look like Halle, I’m not hiding myself in that manner.
  • I tend to act now and think later. That is ok, but not always, and THAT’s ok. 


So essentially, start off this Monday by not being so hard on yourself. So what you are different and don’t act and think like everyone else? That is what makes you YOU!!! That is what makes you so striking, so unique, so DIFFERENT. No one wants to be exactly the same as the next person. Change they way you see your imperfections. They are not flaws, they are an extension of you… Be vulnerable. Nothing shows more signs of strength than being able to be vulnerable, unequivocally. It shows that, no matter what happens next, you can handle it. Be grateful, everyday. No matter how much you hate your teeth, be grateful you even HAVE them! Lol, ok even I chuckled at that but you know what I mean!


Mostly importantly, remember:




Start your Monday off right, and take it easy on yourself for a little bit ❤


Until the next one,


Live in Life and Love ❤



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