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If you are someone that knows me very well, and you are reading this right now, you DEFINITELY know how I’m not a very big fan of online shopping. When it comes to online shopping I’m often the BIGGEST pessimist! 😦 I think about how “safe” it is putting all my personal information (i.e card details) on the internet, because I know, every put on the interent never really goes away. I get paranoia over my accounts being hacked, losing all my money, and on the online shopping side, not liking what I receive because I didn’t physically SEE or FEEL it, OR TRY IT ON, when I bought it.


That is why for me ONLINE shopping has always been questionable. However, it IS the 21st century and I told myself that I need to TRY at least once or twice and feel it out. So, the first time around, I bought beauty products that I was re-purchasing basically, because UI wanted to see how it would go, and how long it would take til they arrived. Normally it was over the space of about 2-3days. Which was ok with me…. just oookkkkkk (Its not like being at the store and getting immediately, which I prefer more really). It was when I bought something online, from a store in Canada, that I wasn’t too impressed.




The sunglasses pictured in the beginning of this blog post, is ONE pair of TWO shades that I bought from a store in Canada online called

The reason I took the plunge is not only because the shades looked beautiful, but they were quite cheap at around R250 each. I did this, thinking that if they don’t ever arrive, I wont feel TOOOO bad about having lost the money, unlike if I had spent thousands of ZAR’s on them.

As much as I really love the ONE PAIR that arrived, I was quite disappointed with everything else, regarding this transaction.




  • The pair of Sunglasses that arrived are beautiful, good quality, sturdy and strong, and not flimsy. I like that.




  • Only one pair of Sunglasses arrived.
  • They were supposed to arrive at my office, I paid an extra charge, but they did not, I ended up having to pick them up at the Post Office.
  • The package I picked up, you could tell they the package was bigger, and that something else got “detached” from it (the other pair of sunnies got stolen I assume).
  • The package took over 3 MONTHS to arrive! I had already forgotten them by the time I received the text that they’d arrived. 😦
  • I still had to pay ANOTHER fee when arriving at the PO.


Overall, I was disappointed, and it made me a little bit more wary when it comes to online shopping. I know that it’s different, with different online stores, but I’m not sure if online shopping is for me. I’m not stopping per se, I’m just going to buy online with stores that have bases in South Africa too. Thats all I’m saying!




  • You do it from the comfort of your home, (great for the lazy shopper!!!) LOL.


  • Anytime, anywhere. On your laptop, or on your phone to can shop online, at any time of the day.


  • Saves you the trouble of having to go into the shops, so saves you time to do other things that may be of more priority to you.


  • No waiting in Lines, or Long queues!


  • No annoying crowds! LOL




  • NOT quite knowing whether a store is illegitimate or not.


  • Shipping costs, and other costs you are often unaware of.


  • Sizing and clothing “cuts” (if you’re buying clothes) might be difficult to gauge if you cant actually fit anything on


  • Not being physically able to look at, touch, feel and inspect the products before they arrive, to decide whether you like them or not.


  • The task of returning things, and refunding when things arrive damaged and such.


Thus, online shopping has it’s pro’s and con’s.


For me…. whether I like it or not- the jury is still OUT on that one.


Do you enjoy online shopping or not?

Let me know!


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤







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