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Hello, good morning and Hi!!!! 🙂


It’s the beginning of a new week, and essentially we are still in the beginning of a new year! How are you doing? I trust you are well…

As with tradition on the Gentleorchid Blog page, we start off some of our Mondays with Motivational Monday posts. how convenient is the title though, considering this time of the year? Lets start over!




For me,  January often presents us with not only a platform for new opportunity, but a chance to start over, start fresh, turn over a new leaf, do things differently, whichever! January. You get that chance to change things. Create new beginnings, do things differently. This is often why a new year presents the time to look at your goals, and make resolutions, because the beginning of a new year, often feels like a cleanse of sorts, like you are a new person, renewed in who you are, what you are about, and being given another chance to change that, or better it.


A new year is a chance to reflect, and think about all the moments that you went thorough the previous year. The highs, the lows, the joys and the pain. What destroyed you, what made you stronger. The moments where you were not yourself, and the moments you’d rather forget.




Let the beginning this week, and the first month of the year, be the the week you start to truly consolidate what you want from 2017. What you want to change, what you want to do better, goals you want to achieve. Actually take it seriously, consolidate and write t down.


  • STEP 1: Consolidate what you want from yourself in 2017. Set your goals, write it down, and structure it in terms of priority.


  • STEP 2: Set TIMELINES! If there are goals you want to achieve this year, evaluate them in terms of which are easiest to achieve, and set those first as short term goals, and the harder ones, set as long term goals, and give yourself a longer time frame in order to achieve them. Set the timelines because it is important to follow a set guideline with time frames. This stops you from procrastinating too long, getting lazy and keep putting it off. Challenge yourself to achieve all you need to in the set time frame or shorter.


  • STEP 3: ENCOURAGEMENT! You have to remember to keep encouraging yourself and rewarding yourself every time you achieve a particular milestone. When you reward yourself you are also indirectly encouraging yourself to keep pushing forward so you can reward yourself again. It’s the biggest motivator.


  • STEP 4: STAY CONSISTENT! I know it is so easy to “run out of steam” especially when things aren’t going too well. You often get inclined to give up and give in. This is the moment you keep pushing. The moment that feeling sets in and you feel like you need to give up, then you know at that moment, is when you need to push even harder. Consistency is key to ensuring that you achieve your goals and milestones!


  • STEP 5: DON’T give up! Keep going! When you achieve one goal, work on achieving the next, and the next, and the next!!! KEEP going!


So my Motivational Monday piece is, its NOT too late to start over, start afresh!! Have a GREAT week!


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤


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