Hey guys!!! 🙂


You know, every time I go into the Typo store, I leave the store feeling like I want to tell the whole world (or rather, anyone who will listen), about this AMAZING store!!! TYPO is an Art lovers dream store, and creative persons “food for the brain” store! Honestly, if you are the creative kind, and you cant be in a dull and boring space, or you want to surrounded yourself with colour, and things that are visually appealing to look at, then trust me- Look no further than this GREAT store!!!


I go into the Typo store at LEAST once a month, without fail, because I love being in that place, and I can spend a good hour in there, looking at things I can purchase to spruce up my home, my beauty room/office that I share with my sister, and so on!

Not only does it have home accessories and such, but it also has quirky items (eg: hilarious fridge magnets and cards), stationery and travel bits, just little goodies here and there. REALLY spectacular for ARTSY and Creative people. No joke!!!


So I normally buy my phone covers at the store, my weekly planners, travel goodies, home accessories and such from Typo. Recently I bought some things for our home office/beauty room too and thought I’d share that with you. 🙂






  • Rose Gold and Clear Stapler R250


  • 2* Large Clipboards with Rose Gold paneling  


  • 2 Small desk notepads R5o


  • 2 Small Clipboards with Rose Gold Paneling R99


  • Waterfall Fountain Lights R400



Waterfall Lights Hanging on the Wall 


FEW things I’ve gotten From Typo Before



  • The TRAVEL JOURNAL underneath the powder was from Typo





  • The Rose Gold Pen holder and Candle are both from Typo, as well as the notepad underneath my cellphone.


If you haven’t heard of Typo, or if you’ve seen it but went past everytime… do yourself a favour and pop in one time!


I promise you, you WON’T regret it!!!


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤


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