New YEAR… New ME!



2017- LIFE




Hello Everyone!!!


Happy 2017! I know that I’ve been gone for over a month now, and honestly, I have no regrets! I have so much to share with all of you and I’ve missed writing and blogging so much, even though I know that this time and this break was MUCH needed for me! I feel that even though so many wonderful things happened in 2016, it wasn’t an absolutely GREAT year for me, as there were so many other not so great things that did happen, that seem to outweigh all the wonderful things that did. 😦


Nevertheless, I took this time away from my blog to re-evaluate my life, what I want and more importantly, what I want to share on my blog, with all of you wonderful friends 🙂 Having said that, it has been a rocky start to 2017 for me, with personal difficulties and serious self introspective moments! I have plans for 2017, believe me I do, and I will be sharing them with all of you guys, as always!


I can’t say I have “resolutions”, because, well, we ALL know how those turn out! LOL (Absolute fails most of the time!). However, I do have plans and goals in mind for my blog, and my personal life and times off of the blog too!







Honestly, this blog has been the best saving grace for me. A haven. I have LOVED how much I’ve grown within the blog, because of the blog and FOR the blog! I cannot tell you also how grateful I am that you have stuck around to read my content. 🙂 That, is honestly the  best feeling in the world, to know that so many people read this content and stick around to read more and more. It has become the best place to be me, and b e as open and free with what I want to share, when and how. Thank you so much to you guys for reading, sticking around and following the blog! There is indeed lots to come on this platform, so stick around and lets have and share some amazing moments of beauty, lifestyle, travel and life! ❤ You are all loved by me, so lots and lots of virtual hugs your way!


There is lots coming on the blog in terms of content. Lots of

  • Beauty (Reviews, Hauls, whats new, beauty picks)
  • Lifestyle (DIY, personal recipes, self love, motivation, and more)
  • Travel (Of course travel diaries as and when I can!)
  • Life (You know I tend to throw in personal posts here and there!)


So stick around!!


I wish you the most happiest, prosperous, healthiest, and most blessed 2017 that life and God can give you! All the best! Lets get it!


Lots of love ❤


Live in Light and Love ❤



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