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I trust that you are all doing well yes? Well, I’m so excited to be talking about this brand today! Not only because it’s beauty related, but because it is Proudly SOUTH AFRICAN!!! The aim of my blog and Beauty Corner SA (the Youtube channel), is not only to discuss beauty items, but also to introduce proudly South African Beauty Brands as well! So you can imagine how excited my sister and I got when KIKI Beauty approached Beauty Corner SA wanting to work with us!!! πŸ™‚ Not only is this exciting, but it gets better as there is a GIVEAWAY involved too! You could stand the chance to win some of these amazing products! (I say amazing, because I’ve been using them for a few weeks now, and theres LOTS to say! Keep reading!! πŸ™‚


KIKI Beauty SA does not only do makeup, but has a great skincare range as well, and if you are a true die hard follower of my blog, you know how serious I am when it comes to taking care of my skin! πŸ™‚ Can I also mention that their products are 100% CRUELTY FREE, which is very hard to find these days in South African Makeup Beauty brands! That scores a 10/10 from me from the go! Beauty Corner SA and KIKI Beauty will be working together on a series of product reviews for KIKI products and introducing you guys to the brand! Of course, as you know, it was paramount for us to test out the products before talking about them, and that is what we did!




The first part of the KIKI and BCSA collab was trying out their key makeup best sellers which are the Face Primer, and their Setting Spray, before moving on to the skincare products. This is why we wanted to try out the products, so we could give an honest & informative response back to you guys, JUST IN CASE you may want to purchase some of these! (Believe me, you will!). The products we were given to try are their best selling PRIMER and ROSE WATER SETTING SPRAY and OMMMMMGGGGG!!!

Let me just get started!





The Primer is from the “Makeup Ready” range which consists of a Primer, Rose Wax Lip Balm (which smells AMAZING by the way) and their setting sprays (3 different types). The purpose of the Makeup Ready range is to assist people of all skin types to find a great product that works for them, without having to check the label for “combination skin types only” or “for oily skin types”. I liked this. It means you don’t even have to worry about damaging your skin, or getting the wrong product for your face type. A+!!!! Β πŸ™‚ It is made in South Africa, meaning careful consideration was taken into creating products that help your skin, and you makeup wear all day, taking into account our weather patterns and such! ❀ This gives it a personal touch, for South Africans, made in South Africa.



First thing I loved about this product, THE PACKAGING!!! πŸ™‚ Packaging means everything to a makeup and skincare lover, purely because If I’m going to put it on my face, I have to at the LEAST love how it looks, and then take into consideration its contents and effectiveness! The packaging stands out, its the beautiful white on black, used by many other beauty brands, purely for its simplicity and a dollop of elegance ❀ I love using this primer because not only is the product in a pump form, making it hygienic and you can control how much you use, so you don’t use too much. The product is a white semi creamy Β texture, and contains ingredients which are HELPFUL to the skin- and not damaging to it.


  • OAT KERNAL EXTRACT- this is great to tighten the skin, and reduce signs of ageing (if you use masks with “oats” in them you will know this πŸ™‚
  • Sodium Hyaluronate- which assists in helping the skin retain its natural moisture and plumps it up.


The primer has a few other ingredients in it that are so helpful in assisting your makeup stay longer. Have a look at the KIKI BEAUTY website for more πŸ™‚

This primer I really enjoy because its different to the other primers that I use because those are more silicone based, so the change was a welcomed one with this product. It applies like a moisturiser and sinks into the skin very quickly. There is no scent to it (perfume free), which is great for those that react to perfumed products! This primer is a winner for me, and I’m currently enjoying it quite a bit!






Again, CAN WE APPRECIATE this packaging though?!?! Its PINK and METALLIC, Β how can you NOT love it though? Every makeup wearing person I know, LOVES setting sprays to complete the look of their makeup process. When this came to Beauty Corner SA, I was using the Urban Decay spray, and I put them both to the test! The results were different but in a very pleasing way! Let me explain…

This setting spray I love because It doesn’t leave me looking matte and flat. Some days, I prefer the matte look, especially in the evenings, but during the day when I’m out and about, I love a “dewy” radiant finish on my skin, and this spray does that! It is a fine spritz with just the perfect amount of product hitting the face, I was impressed by this. Ingredients in the spray are:


  • CUCUMBER- great for plumping up the skin, and hydrating it throughout the day- so you don’t look “dull” (well, your makeup does not anyway!)
  • OATS Kernel Extract- to TIGHTEN your skin, making you look younger!
  • Rose and Geranium Essential Oil- Which balances out the tones on your skin and has that uplifting and refreshing scent! (So this is great to apply even when you DONT have makeup on!)


I like this spray because it is one of the few in my collection that work on MORE than just Setting your makeup. Thats a plus!! ❀


I am REALLY enjoying these products at the moment and want to continue using them to try them out!!!




If you want to try these products out, or just learn more about the KIKI Beauty Brand check them out HERE…




If you would like to purchase their products, BEAUTY CORNER SA has a discount promo code that you can use to buy their products online, on their website and the code is:




Beauty Corner SA is also running a GIVEAWAY where you can stand the chance to win the

Face Primer, Rose Water Setting Spray and the Rox Wax Lip Balm valued at R820!!!Β 

To enter make sure you follow BEAUTY CORNER SA and KIKI BEAUTY SA on all social media sites! And watch the Beauty Corner SA video on KIKI Beauty to know what to do in order to enter!!! πŸ™‚ GOODLUCK!! Competition date closes ONE WEEK from the date of the blog post!Β 

Support a South African Brand- buy a good quality product- SPOIL someone this Christmas!!! πŸ™‚

Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love ❀

K and Beauty Corner SA

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  1. The packaging for the fancy waters of slay. . . 😍😍😍 SHIIIIINYYYYY!!!!! IT WOULD LOOK SO PRETTY WITH MY THINGS. . . I’don’t probably keep it long after the product is finished. . . OMG

    This series is going to be interesting. I’m really keen to see how the South African Makeup brands are going to do and grow hey.

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni


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