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As you know in the Southern Hemisphere we are currently in the SPRING MONTHS!! So the weather is getting hotter and hotter as the days keep going by! 😦 I love the warmer months, but I prefer winter! No joke!!! LOL. Nevertheless, the stronger the sun becomes, the more precaution we need to take in protecting our skin! Especially because we will be spending a lot of time outdoors! In the sun!! 🙂


The lovely ladies at Rubybox where Kind enough to offer me a set of three of these great sunscreen oils from Lipidol. I have used it for a little over  2 weeks now, and thought I should tell you a little about this product, and what I think of it, ever since using it!



Have you heard of Lipidol? If you are a South African Beauty Lover, I would be SO surprised if you didn’t know of it, or if you haven’t come across it in a Clicks store. Lipidol is a brand of 6 Oil basesd products, which are sold at Clicks. It includes Cleansing Oils for Face and Body, Suncreen Oil, After Shave Oil and a few others.I personally think this is a great idea, because oil works really well on the skin, great for cleansing, soft and non abrasive to the skin, and often sinks into the screen quickly. That’s a win! Often oil also clogs pores so it’s important to remember when cleaning up you do so thoroughly, or you don’t do it every single day.



Sunscreen oil, is a brilliant idea  especially when you know the harmful effects that come with the sun, in the warmer months more especially. Sunscreen oil products assists with protection from the sun, from skin damage, skin cancer, and more. Made containing Cypress and Basil, the Lipidol oil, can be used as a tan oil and suncreen oil. First thing I noticed is that, because it is an oil, it absorbs much quicker into the skin, and don’t worry- you know those hideous “white/grey cast” masks that some sunscreen oils leave on your skin, THIS doesn’t do that! So you are GUARANTEED not to look like a zombie in the middle of the day. LOL!

Application is great, because the first thing I was worried about was, it is going to be sticky? I mixed it in with my daily moisturizer, so it just felt like I was applying my moisturizer, even when knowing I was protecting my skin! Mixing it also helps get rid of the herbal scent from the oil, which I am not that much of a fan of. It has an SPF of 20- so do consider, that this is something you can put on everyday when you are out and about, at work or school, and so on. However if you will be spending ALL day in the outdoors, you might need a sunscreen with a higher SPF. 🙂 ❤

More than anything, I like it. It’s hassle free and has become a part of my daily body moisturizing routine! Thanks so much to Rubybox!!

Be aware, that I will be doing a HUGE end of year giveaway for my blog, with so many different things, so be sure to be following and reading my posts!!! More will be communicated in the next week or so!

Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love ❤


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