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Hello Everyone!!! 🙂


I trust you are all doing well? I hope so ❤


Well, you guys are no strangers to the IMAN brand on my blog, so I’m not going to explain much about that, but because Beauty Corner SA will be releasing a First Impressions video this week regarding some products that we were kindly gifted by IMAN Cosmetics, I thought I should tell you all about the ONLINE E COMMERCE STORE!


Just in case you beauty lovers might end up wanting to purchase something!


Cream to Powder Foundation


Now, before the launch of the IMAN online store, if you are a beauty lover, you would remember how DIFFICULT it would be to get hold of IMAN products. My goodness the struggle was SO real!!! Everytime I would find myself at an IMAN counter in stuttafords, they either did not have what I was looking for or they hardly had any stock!! It was so frustrating because I had ALWAYS wanted to try the products out, and would always leave so dis-heartened!


However! There is GOOD news! If you haven’t already seen this post, a few months ago, I attend the IMAN beauty Event in Midrand, where they were launching and unveiling the new E-Commerce online store! We were told all about the store, and how much it will make life easier for IMAN lovers! 🙂 Read more about that here.

Since then the E-Commerce website is up and running!!

Click here to go straight to the site


On this website you can browse through the online store, see what IMAN cosmetics has to offer, read more on the products and have the opportunity to purchase everything online from the comfort of your home, and have it delivered STRAIGHT to your door! No mess, no fuss!





My favourite feature on the Website though is the “Meet Your Match” feature! Are you not sure of your shade at IMAN Cosmetics? Not sure what type of foundation you would take that suits your skin tone? This amazing feature helps you find your shade with IMAN, ALL ONLINE!!! Is that not AMAZING though?!?! 🙂 It compares what shades you are with other makeup brands such as Bobbi Brown, Black Opal, Maybelline and such, and helps you find your own shade with IMAN cosmetics!



I can SAFELY say I’ve NEVER been on a Makeup Brand website, that helps you do that, until this one came around! ❤ 🙂 Winning!!! Especially, if you’re a newbie to makeup! 🙂



Get the APP too! Believe me, it makes life a lot easier!!! 🙂





So, now you know!!! Check it out! Their foundation is TOP notch! I’ve been using the Cream to Powder foundation for a bit now, and I love! 🙂 I put you on it! ❤


Beauty Corner SA will be releasing the video this week, and make sure to be subscribed and following Beauty Corner SA and IMAN Africa on all social media networks to stand a chance to enter the giveaway that will be coming soon!!




Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤



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  1. Meet your match neh? smart move on their part considering how tricky it is to shop for makeup online, end up hauling ashy looking stuff with flashback in the wrong shade. Let me just browse and luckily for me, my savings account is now on 32 day lockdown.
    *don’t buy more makeup, don’t buy more makeuo, don’t buy more makeup*

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL!!!! I need to convince myself not ot buy makeup EVERYTIME I’m at the mall, so I’ve learnt to avoid the mall, and go only when ABSOLUTELY necessary! I Love the Meet your Match feature, its brilliant. I did mine before meeting the IMAN consultant online and it said “Clay 2”. When I got to the consultant, and she tried out some colours on me, she also said Clay 2! I thought, WINNING!!!! 🙂


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