A letter to My Sister| Life

A Letter to My Sister ❤




Hey hey!!!


Now you guys know I hardly talk about my private life on my blog, EVER- you will probably only see pictures of me/family/friends when we are out and about, travelling, special occasions and such. Overall though, I hardly talk about my family, because, I just prefer it that way.


What makes this post special is that I’ll be talking about my sister! It is November, it is her birthday month, and I thought, I’d let you into our relationship a little bit more 🙂

You may have seen her, or know about her if you’ve been following me for quite while, on my blog.







Like any other sister/sister relationship, me and my monkey have days where we clash… lol, NOT FUN. We both have VERY strong personalities, and also, VERY different ones too, so moments of disagreements and such, will happen from time to time.


My sister was the apple of our mother’s eye. She probably still is from where mom is, in the Heavens somewhere. My mom loved Ledi sooooo much, that even with any altercation we would have, my mom would take Ledi’s side, NO MATTER WHAT. Lol. I got that though, as I got older, she was “the baby”, her “last born”.Growing up, our relationship was VASTLY different from what it is now….


There were frequent clashes, moments where weeks would go by and we would not talk (Yup, hard as that may be to believe to people who know us now…!). However, time and age, took it’s toll and my sister and I found ourselves seeing one another together, EVERYDAY living in one house. Just us two. We were pretty much FORCED to learn to live with each other, learn to communicate more effectively, learn to be considerate that we now live in each others space. All that jazz. We did. We learnt. More…. About each other, what we like, don’t like, etc, and now, my sister is the closest person to me in my life…. before anyone else. We still fight, but our fights never become more than the love we share for one another. Ever.





We still have our friends, live different lives outside of our home and family life, but I’m saying that there is nothing anyone can tell me that I don’t already know about my monkey, my lover, my sister. I know it all… This post is for her to read, for her to know:


(I know you’re going to read this, because o rata ditaba!, LOL)

“You need to understand. There is someone in the world who loves you more than you will ever know.

The love I have, stems from the same womb we share, the angel that now lives in heaven and watches upon you. We are joined, by blood and by umbilical chords.

There is someone in the love that loves you despite of yourself. She loves you wholeheartedly.

I may not know much, but I know how to love you. Every second. Every minute. Everyday.

When mama left, I visited her resting place alone one day, and told her/ PROMISED HER that I will look after you. I intend on keeping that promise.

You are loved, by your family, your friends- but you are loved MOST, by me. No other amount of love anyone has for you, will surpass mine.

I stand firm in saying that. ❤

You are my monkey, my love, my friend and my sister. Nothing more in the world, makes me happier, than to see you happy.

I love you. Happy Birthday”.

– Katli




  • Ledi loves popcorn, more especially when she does something that requires focus, like studying or editing. (She would eat it almost every night if she could! lol)


  • She was born today: 11th November. 


  • She LOVES shoes and clothes (Not in a healthy way like most women, this passion is a little bit too much, UNHEALTHY).


  • She’s FIERCELY protective of everyone she loves. Naledi will typically jump in to an argument I’M HAVING with someone, and just go off and agree with me, even if she has NO idea what it’s about to begin with! LOL


  • Her best friend’s name is Tshidi (who I love too by the way).


  • She wears eye glasses! (yup, she’s a four eyes, can’t see!). 


  • She’s a fighter. Lol, don’t let that smile fool you. lol.


  • She often goes really quiet when she’s sad. She says nothing. I’m quick to pick it up because I will realize she’s not as bubbly as she normally is. 


  • She gives GREAT advice, reasons very well and speaks her mind (You can’t tell her nothin! lol).


  • She HARDLY EVER cries. The moment she does, realize, something is VERY wrong, or she’ss terribly heart broken or sad over something. 


  • She’s a Scorpio. Enough said.


  • She loves to do her nails, and then spend a lot of time staring at her toes. 


  • If she really cares about you, when she greets you, at one point or another, she’ll say “Helllooo babbbbyyyyyyy”


  • She’s a lover of love ❤


  • She’s incredibly friendly and giving. Of her time, and herself. Her friends know this.


  • She LOVES family. Nothing comes above it. 


  • She loves to watch cartoons in the middle of the night when she can’t sleep.


  • She is NOT a morning person LOL. 


  • Her fave ice cream: Haagen Daas- Strawberry Cheesecake


  • Favourite Sweets: Speckled Eggs. 


  • We do a lot together. A lot. Let’s leave that one there.







Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love ❤














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7 thoughts on “A letter to My Sister| Life

  1. Ah Katz this is so lovely,so nice to get to know more about u guys.And happy birthday month to Naledi,I think she’s lucky to have a sis like you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aaaawwwww ke tlo lla! Naledi lerato la pelo… you are just beautiful babbby. Hope you had a special birthday (with a sister like Kat, no doubt you had a blast). Katli this piece warmed my heart…deep deep down ryt in the cockles. Love you tonnes Ledi Nix. Hugs and kisses


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