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Now, ALL and I mean ALLLLLL curvy girls with a little CUSHION FOR THE PUSH’IN, will be able to relate with this post! Lol, I certainly hope so! LOL. Now I say Curvy, and Fat girl struggles because it is a real thing! There are women who fit in the IN-BETWEEN catergory…! Where you not FATTTTTT (let’s rather say “gifted” because I hate the word Fat, period) but you not skinny either! My definition of those girls are you 30’s girls! Like we talking if you’re around the 32-36/38 range, I don’t classify these women as GIFTED. Nope, I dont, they are curvy!!!


Now, before you jump up and down saying funny things GIFTED women can be HELLA CURVY too! Super sexy for that matter! I’m not bashing skinny girls, no, but the just of this post is: If you cant relate to some of these struggles I’m going to mention, then it’s ok- you don’t fall under these group of women!!! I do fall under this group of women, soooo… when the world constantly laughs and mocks us for our bodies, take the time out and read this post: and lets all just laugh at our struggles for a little bit! Ok??? 🙂 ❤


No, harm! It’s a light read, take it easy! 🙂



As you can see, I fit the curvy category, even when on most days, I feel GIFTED. I’m a woman, what can I say! LOL, (we never happy!).



  • CREEPER DRESSES OR SKIRTS!!!- When you find yourself wearing a dress that slowly keeps creeping up your thighs as you walk, tryin to show off a little too much!!! LOL, or how about when you have a big booty, and you wearing a skirt, and the front side looks longer than the back! LOL, remember? In high school with the tunics? LOL!!!! GIIIIRRRRRRRRLLLLLL 🙂



  • THIGH KISSES- FRENCH FREAKIN KISSES!!!- Summmer Time, you walking down the street and you realize you forgot to put some tights on under your skirt/dress, and you gon’ be walking for quite a while!!! HEAT, SUN, SWEAT starts to greet the spaces between your thighs, and that BURN hits!!!! Get’s sooooo bad, you even start going crazy thinking you can smell your own flesh burn?!?!?! LOL…. GIRRRRRRLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! 🙂   (this is why I don’t like dresses/skirts! Now you know! lol).


  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL- Walking into a store, seeing some PRETTY dope sweat pants and reading the sign at the edge of the table- ONE SIZE FITS ALL! Well I’ll be damned! You go into the change room, and try them on and they don’t go past your thunder thighs and you thinking FML!!!!!!!! Fuck my LIFE THOUGH!!! Why are these people messing with me like this!!!! GIRRRRRRRRLRLLLLLLL 🙂


  • PULL ME UP JEANS!!!- LOL! Please raise your hand if you still gotta pull up even HIGH WAIST jeans!!!?!?!?!? HIGH WAIST!!! Yes your crack line might not be showing, but your big booty done lowered the jeans when you sat down, NOW you gotta lift them anyway!!! What about those low rise skinny jeans that look soooo goood on you but are always hell bent on exposing you in the worst way!!! OH you cant even DARE wear those with a short top, lest you start looking like Willie-Mc-Cracker all up in peoples faces!!!! LMAO!!!! GIRRRRRRLLLLLL!!!!!!! 🙂


  • SMALL WAIST- BIG BOOTY EQUATIONS- THIS IS MMMYYYYY STRUGGLEEEE!!!! OMGGGG!!! So I got the booty, but my waist is actually quite sinched in! so a lot of the time when buying jeans, you have to check that they don’t leave that DEAD UNCHARTED SPACE at the back, where you can pretty much fit in an arm!!! OMG the struggle! Jump Suits too!!! End up looking too big in the waist area, and the whole baine of your existence becames always having to take clothes to get SINCHED IN!!! GIRRRRRRLLLLLL I KNOWWWWWW!!!!! 🙂


  • THIGH RUB/JEAN 911- Lol, now tell me, how many jeans have you have to buy over the years because of your DAMN thigh rub fading and ripping your jean in your inner thigh area, and it becomes soooo bad that you have to end up throwing it out?!?!?!?! Even when, in all honesty, your denim quality still looks PRETTY GOOD, but your inner thigh area needed a 911 call, but ended up flatlining! LOL GIRRRRRRLLLLLL I know!!!!


  • BIG BOOBS/ STRAPLESS FAIL!!! – Tell me about ANY WOMAN with BIG breasts that can pull off a strapless bra, COMPLETELY FULLY, ALL DAMN DAY!!! Tell me!! I’m waiting…..!!! GIRRRLLLL 🙂



LOL!!!! Let me end it here! I hope you had a good laugh, I certainly did writing it! 🙂


There’s so many other points that I could raise, but I’ll leave it here for now!!!


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤


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  1. Girllllll i can relate to allof thee above but especially the :one size fits all
    Thigh rubs/jean 911
    & biggggg boobs/strapless fail.

    Girl, the struggle is real!! 😂😭


  2. Kat, you nailed this post! i could especially relate to the thigh rubs/jeans 911, big boobs/strapless fail and one size fits all.

    Like the struggle is real girlllll!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have finally!!! After years of searching found a strapless bra that fits and stays on all day. Trust me I have big boobs, although they may not “look big”my bra size is 30F and is not found in “normal” stores.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The brand name is Fantasie, I bought mine on my last overseas trip – cheaper that side. However my local suppulier is Liza Clifford and I did my bra fittings at her studio here in Durban but she also works from JHB. Check out her facebook page.

        Liked by 1 person

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