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It’s THAT time again!!! I feel like everything I’ve been posting up lately is beauty blog posts! LOL! I’m not complaining, by now you all know that I’m a major beauty lover and talking about makeup is one of my fvourite things to do!!! Moving again from the HIGH end brands of last week, we are now moving into Mid-Range brands (well, for me!) and one of them is MAC COSMETICS!


This week I’ll be looking at my three STAPLE and favourite products from MAC cosmetics!

Starting from the left…



Oldie photo from the Archives- MAC “Spiked” Brow Pencil and FluidLine in “Dipped Down”


This pencil is EVERYTHING to me and my life!! HOLY GRAIL STATUS!!! When I buy this, I normally buy two or three at the same time, because one lasts me roughly a month! *hides*. Since discovering spiked, I’ve NEVER looked back! Brows are ALWAYS fleeking!! During the week, I often do the natural brow look, and Spiked is PERRRRFECT for a natural look, the brown pencil is so precise and when drawing on, it looks like you just filling in your brows with extra “hairs” to define them and make them a TAD bit darker and more pronounced. I LOVE! The nib is small, yet firm and strong, and the pencil is pigmented enough, ensuring you don’t sit forever applying and re-applying the product. ❤ ❤ ❤ !!! On the weekend, I normally do my “HIGH-DEF” brows and I use the fluidline, “Dipped Down” for that. NO SMUDGE ISSUES! VERY CONVENIENT! The pencil is firm enough for a good grip and doesnt slip and slide from your fingers! Only down side, there’s not much product, so, you kind of have to do it right always, so as not to risk using too much of the product at one time 😦 Thats pretty much the only down side though! I still re-purchase and buy more and more! It retails for R230.


PRICE: 3/5




This baby I was sooooo LATE to the party to love!!!! I was a MAC Studio Fix Powder lover, until i stumbled onto this powder in one of my makeup drawers… I had bought it, to try out, but never used it!!! Once I started- I NEVER LOOKED BACK!! My Studio Fix powder, is sitting somewhere in a dark drawer, unloved. 😦

Lets talk about this baby for a minute though!!! OMG! LOVE! The name says it all! If you are looking for a product that has a NATURAL finish, very light on the face and doesn’t settle and look cakey at all, then THIS, is your go to setting powder! A compact powder with the standard black and white packaging (black on the body, with MAC written in white), its small, and fits easily into your makeup bag! Winning! Not only is it natural looking, but if you tilt your face to the sun, and look at your face in the mirror, you will notice golden glitter sparks, VERY faint, hardly noticeable yet sooo beautiful!Luminosity for Spring anyone? ME PLEASE!! It doesn’t mattify your skin completely, but gives a soft natural glow. Its amazing no joke, just thinking about it makes me want to cry…lol. It controls oil throughout the day, and sets my makeup perfectly! THIS IS A MUST HAVE! Downside is the price! It retails for R420 but I really think its worth it! Lasts me around 2 months, and a little goes a long way!



PRICE: 2.5/5



Awwww, this is a newbie to my collection and I’m SO glad I joined the band wagon! I’d heard a lot about this concealer and honestly was a little apprehensive at first! I could KICK myself asking myself WHY I took this long with this baby! When I finally got it, it was LOVE at first application! If you are looking for a FULL coverage concealer, which is a light creamy texture (a lot more liquid based than my loved LA girl concealer), this is the one for you! This is great to cover redness, pigmentation, dark under eye marks. It comes with a pump, which is great because you can control the amount of product you use, and its just more hygienic really. Does not crease or dry uncomfortably once set, any overall great product. It retails for R320 and is ALL worth it! Lasts me around 2 months per product.


PRICE: 3/5


Thats it from me for this week!!


What MAC products are you found of?? 🙂 ❤

Let me know!


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤






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