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Hello Everyone 🙂


I trust you all are doing well?!?


Now, writing this post, almost immediately depresses me, because I don’t want to be writing this one. I really don’t (tear). If you are someone who knows me and my sister well, you know that we LOVE MAC products!! We swear by most things we get from MAC.


However, I am not the bearer of good news with this Primer from the MAC Prep and Prime Range. The Skin Base Visage primer. 😦 Hmmmmm….




Simply put. It just is NOT that great. I love the creamy consistency, and it quickly absorbes into the skin, however I’m not a big fan of the “sparkles” that are supposed to help with illuminating your look once you’ve applied your make up. Um, ya sure. They are, for me, just too much, and I find myself looking quite “odd” even before applying my makeup. Now that’s a recipe for disaster. I wanted a primer that wasn’t mattifying for the winter period and wanted a rather hydrating one.


I was really looking forward to this one, because the consultant at MAC told me it’s the best for my skin type (Combination/Oily).



The glitter sparkles are NOT for me.

It really didn’t make a huge difference for me, in fact, most times my forehead would get a little oilier during the day. Not impressed. For the price we pay for this, for me, there are many more better primers on the market.


PRICE: R360.00



I was disappointed and don’t think it’s a product I’d try again, due to that I don’t think I’d recommend it either.


Have you used this product? What do you think?


Let me know.


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤




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6 thoughts on “Not so MAC?? Hmmmm…| BEAUTY

  1. I was really disappointed after buying it. I think I used it twice or 3times, its now sitting somewhere almost full. I was really underwhelmed. Not what I was expecting from a primer. It felt like I had a glittering moisturiser on top of my normal moisturiser.

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    1. COULDN’T agree more! More than anything it felt like a glittery moisturizer. I really wasn’t understanding how it was going to keep my makeup put all day, and control my oily T-Zone. It didnt help me either! I’m so glad I’m not alone on this one!!!

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  2. Lol truth be told I don’t trust MAC with primers. I got a sample of the prep and prime primer when i bought some stuff a while back and the primer disappointed. Imagine if i had bought a full sized bottle.Next time just ask for a sample ,sorry it didnt workout for u

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