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Anyone who knows me and knows me WELL, knows that Tom Ford is unequivocally my FAVOURITE brand. By far. Their clothes, their beauty line, their PERFUMES!!! Yes, I’m a bigggg lover of TF. 

In this weeks One Brand Beauty- I’ll be reviewing my 3 top products from Tom Ford…


I love DUSTY Pink because it happens to be one of my favourite Matte Pink Nude lipsticks! It’s matte, but it’s not drying AT ALL, which helps in making me grativate towards it a few times as compared to a drying matte, which I wouldn’t reach for quite as often. Love this baby! Not only is it a GREAT lipstick, it’s also perfect if you love an ombré lip, with a brown outer lip and more pinky Nude in the Centre of your lips! YES!!! EVERYTHING! 

I would also like to add that can we appreciate the packaging of their lipsticks! My goodness! Classy, sleek, with the “always look good together” black and gold colours- LIFE! 🙂 It also has a magnet where the lid joins with the lipstick when it closes, always ensuring that it’s COMPLETELY closed!!! My favourite shades from TF lipsticks is DUSTY Pink, Black Dhalia, great for a vampy lip look and Blush Nude! 

Quality: 5/5

Price: 2/5 

  • EYE QUAD – “Cognac Sable” ( +/- R1k) 

 I’ve spoken about this AMAZING eye shadow quad in a blog post before, so I won’t touch on it too much… but I LOVE IT! 

If you love browns and bronze shades on your eyelids, then this will be an endless love affair!!! This eye shadow is a complete SPLURGE item and until now I can’t believe I spent so much on basically four colours!!! But it’s just definitely MORE than that! Yes, thid is you wanting to spoil yourself because it doesn’t disappoint. With a set of four great colours, a transition colour (top left), crease colour (bottom right) and lid glitter colour (top right), this quad is small and compact enough to carry with you in your everyday makeup kit! It’s THAT pretty! And of course looks great on the eyes. Pigmentation, FANTASTIC. Price- not so nice.
Quality: 4/5

Price: 2/5

  • Jasmin Rouge Pafum – TF Private Collection (+/- R2,5k) 

This is hands down one of my top five fragrances this Spring! Welcome JASMIN ROUGE!!!

In her beauty, this beautifully sweet yet sexy fragrance is PERFECT for a balmy night out in the spring time! It’s amazing! 

With top notes of: Bergamont, Mandarin, cinnamon and Ginger.

Base/heart notes of: Sambac Jasmine, Neroli and Ylang Young (probably why I love it so much because it’s one of the key notes in my number 1 perfume Chanel No.5 lol) 🙂 

The perfume is incredibly sexy but does leave room for femininity… this is a feminine scent. It’s a rather spicy yet floral scent(jasmine). It’s a scent that will get heads turning and tongues wagging- typically a scent I see on a sophiscitated woman with a very diva-rish and fun and playful side! YES!!! Love!!! I hate it’s price, but I do understand that it is TF at the end of the day. Definite splurge item!
Quality: 5/5 

Price: 1/5
Great products, with NOT SO NICE prices! Lol 🙂 

What’s your take on Tom Ford products? Overpriced? Worth the splurge? Classy? Or pretentious? Let me know! 

Until next week on ONE BRAND BEAUTY! 

Live in Light and Love ❤


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