“Alone” is not “Lonely”| Motivation Monday

Alone is not Lonely….

Motivation Monday



Hello Everyone!!


Recently I had a really good lunch date and chat with one of my best friends, and we were talking about our lives, our character and our personalities. We pretty much came to the same conclusion. We are loners. Lol, don’t get depressed about it, it actually works for me, for us. Let me explain how this ties into Motivation Monday….


A lot of the time, because of our YouTube channel and my blog, people I meet seem to think I’m the biggest extrovert, and I’m always out and about and such… The truth is, hardly EVER. I’m always at home, if I’m not with my family, or with a few of my close friends, or my significant other and I’m comfortable with that. Lol, it took a while for me to accept that I am a home body. I prefer my space at home, alone.


The Catch….


The catch is, people seem to often think that being alone equates to being LONELY. ALL THE TIME! It’s actually funny because, often I have noticed that people who spend a lot of time alone, are often people with great substance. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying extroverts don’t have substance, lol, no. I’m saying that spending a lot of time alone, often gives one time to THINK.


To think about yourself….

To think about your life…

To learn more about what you like and what you dislike…

To be still…

To quiet your mind.




Often, people who spend time alone, are happy to do so. It does not necessarily mean that they have been left alone and abandoned, it just means a few more things other than that….


  • You don’t need to be around others all the time to feel “complete”.


  • You value your alone time, so you can focus on growing yourself, or growing your passions. 


  • You are comfortable with being alone. You don’t get “antsy” or bored when alone, you actually find the time fulfilling.


  • You have GOALS you want to accomplish and follow through. You have things that interest you besides always being out and surrounded by people. Being alone, helps you harness and fine tune your interests. 


  • You need your Solitude.


  • You are in charge of your happiness, your ups, and your downs. Feeling the need to constantly be around others to be happy, simply means your put your happiness in the hands of others. So, if you are in charge of your happiness, being alone doesn’t really bother you in any way.


  • ALONE IS NOT LONELY. You can be in a room FULL of people and STILL feel lonely, and it, in turn makes you feel abandoned and unwanted. Alone means you can physically be by yourself and thats perfectly OK.


So if you are someone who spends a lot of time by yourself and you questioning why you’re always alone there’s really no harm in it. In fact, see your alone time as the perfect opportunity to learn about yourself a little more, and grow yourself and your passions.


Spend some time alone, and see if you love it or hate it. Some people feel the need to be around others as it fills the void they have in themselves, and that’s ok. Some people genuinely want to feed off the energy of others for happiness. However, if you can be perfectly alone and be cool with it, it says a lot more about you and the strength you have. Let your alone time, this week be your growth time. Think, put ideas together, motivate yourself, grow yourself. Read.



Can any of you identify with this? If so, let me know!

Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love ❤


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6 thoughts on ““Alone” is not “Lonely”| Motivation Monday

  1. My sister always laughs at me, when I say just because I’m alone doesn’t mean I’m lonely. There is a song that I also like to sing with those lines but I forgot it.

    Great post.

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  2. Funny how I used to be content with being alone within my own space.Gave me all the time in the world, like you say,to set goals and think about what is and isnt for me.Then a traumatic experience happened and I found that I switched from enjoying my own space to being afraid of my thoughts,filling my void by being around people thinking that would keep me sane..Little did I know that,ultimately life’s situations would lead me back to the message of time with Lesedi…………

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    1. I think different people use being alone, or being around people for different reasons. And I would see how a difficult experience can make one NOT want to be alone, theres a good reason behind it. I just often think spending time alone in most instances, one connects with themselves on a deeper level of understanding.


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