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Hello Everyone!!! 🙂


So last week, we (Beauty Corner SA) had the pleasure of being invited to the Chanel L’Eau event last week, and I must say, so much fun was had!!:) As you know if you are a die hard Beauty Corner SA channel fan, or a Gentleorchid fan, we LOVE LOVE LOVE the orignal Chanel No5 Eau De Parfum, and so you can imagine how excited we are for the “L’eau” event!





The event was hosted in Sandton City Mall, and for me this was one of the downsides (actually, the only downside) of this event. For such a premium brand, I was disappointed that they couldn’t have picked a better location for such a prestigious event, instead of one of the many foyers in the mall.   Even with that said, Chanel still managed to maintain the class that is associated with its name and was still amazing. ❤







This event was the unveiling of Chanel L’eau perfume to the South African market. Now, I LOVE perfume, in fact, I can comfortably and unashamedly admit to being a perfume collector (actually… hoarder…lol). So I was excited to know a little bit about Chanel’s new fragrance.




Essentially the story behind the creation of L’eau was that it is supposed to be the younger, lighter, more floral version of Chanel No. 5. It aims to capture the younger market, especially by introducing a lighter, fresher and more playful version of the Original No. 5.


The distinct scent in the fragrance is May Rose, which of course gives it it’s floral and playful touch. It is an Eau De Toilette, which means that it is water based, so it’s lasting power is not that great. This for me was a disappointment, because Even after having been given multiple sample sizes to try, I did try it over the weekend, and every hour or 2, I felt the need to re apply it onto my skin again. This was a let down, because for me, it means the fragrance won’t last very long with me.



Lemon, Mandarin, Orange, Lime, Aldehydes, Neroli (which gives it that distinct citrus smell, immediately after spraying it).



May Rose, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang (the key  original Chanel no 5 scent).



Cedar, White Musk, Vanilla, Orris Root (these give that long lasting final woody and musky scent).


The fragrance is light, fresh, and great for a young women coming into her own. ❤



Beauty Corner SA… My date that night was my sister! lol.




Chilling with Boitumelo and Sekao, sisters as well. 🙂


The event in itself was definitely classy and very well styled and beautifully decorated. They took us through the conception of L’eau…



…to a fragrance test….




…to the Chanel Makeup room



before we made our way out finally, after receiving some goodie bags!


Overall it was a beautiful night out for any perfume lover. What beats champagne, good perfume conversation, and french music?!? 🙂

For me, it is not my particular type of scent, but I do think someone who loves light, fresh and floral scents, will definitely LOVE this one! ❤


That’s it for this post!

Are you a fan of Chanel? If so, what do you love from Chanel? Let me know!


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤




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2 thoughts on “Chanel No5 L’Eau Event| Beauty

  1. I’ve used 1 Chanel perfume in my life, it was Chance eau Fraiche – and funny enough it was introduced to me at a Chanel event that I attended many moons ago. It was a good fragrance, I loved it – but I never bought it again. One thing I’d love to try though is their makeup ❤

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    1. Chanel fragrances on the whole, are beautiful…. Lets not lie, you know…. However I guess some stand out more than others for different people. I’ll have to look that one up! I am also really wanting to get into their makeup too Lungz, but GIRL!!! PRICES!!! Aowa!!! Not yet! LOL


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