The things no one tells you…




Hello Everyone!


Now, being a woman writing this, I know that MANY other ladies are going to identify with this post. Growing up, we have the beautiful ignorance of being a child, and not really “seeing” the different disparities of the world, and between the different sexes: men and women. However, when you are grown, you have MANY stories to tell about how different things really about between men and women. Why? you ask? Because we are surrounded with these disparities EVERY SINGLE DAY!




  • There are things about your body, you will probably dislike for your WHOLE life. 


  • Fighting for respect will be something you do EVERYDAY, not just with men, but with WOMEN too.


  • You must be conscious of your surroundings at ALL times!! At a bar, at a club, walking down the street, driving and pulling up to a traffic light, ALL THE DAMN TIME.


  • There will always be comments made about your physical appearance. Oh yes. You’re either too thin, too fat, too tall, too short, your teeth are crooked, you have a squinty eye, your leg looks skew, your breasts look awkward, LOL. ALL THE TIME!!!!


  • You will be seen as the weaker sex. Period. 


  • People will ALWAYS have something to say, ALWAYS! Whether it is about your life, your man/woman, you car, what you have, what you DON’t have, ALL THE DAMN TIME!!


  • If you are not having a good day, yep, well that makes people automatically assume that you’re being “emotional” or it’s THAT TIME OF THE MONTH!!! (Someone say that to me ONE more time, I’m punching their brains out!)


  • You will work JUST AS HARD, if not HARDER than a man and STILL be paid less.




  • You will be cat called, you will be SLUT SHAMED MANY MANY MANY times in your life. It WILL HAPPEN.


  • An apology is NOT an apology unless you mean it.


  • One of the most complex relationships you will have in your life- is the relationship with your mother. 


  • If you do something unconventional, or different, or choose to live a different lifestyle to the norm- you will be seen as WEIRD, TRYING TOO HARD, FAKE, or even, at times, LOOSE. ALL THE DAMN TIME!


  • The RED ROBOT (I call her Valerie, Val)- is basically a B*#CH. An ENIGMA in your life, sent here to test you. LOL.


  • People will criticize you for having kids, and actually, also NOT having kids. You will be called ALL sorts of names under the sun!


  • The goal, is to actually be HEALTHY, not THIN. 



These are some of the LIFE LESSONS we don’t get taught and told in school, at home, as we are growing up! Nothing. NADA. Lol.


Yet, we continue to rise and push on!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤


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  1. ‘one of the most complex relationships you will have is the one with your mother’ Dear Katlzzz,You are talking to me. I just cant LOL..I dont get her,she probably doesnt get me either. LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, a lot of the time that can tend to happen. But I think the older one gets, the more the mother daughter relationship kind of stabilizes and grows positively. Takes time ❤


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