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The Masks
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Hey guys!! How you doing??


So I know i have probably NEVER really spoken about Face Masks on my blog, but I actually use them quite a bit, and the ones I use depend on what my skin is going through at the time. I love face masks because they have soooo many benefits for your face.





Face Masks are great because they help clean out, pull out at the gunk in your pores, from dead skin cells, dirt maybe left from moisturizers, makeup, all the things we put on our face. So basically a DEEP CLEANSE.



Face masks are also GREAT for tightening up and firming loose skin.Certain masks out there are great as they have collagen treatments which result in tighter, firmer skin.



The regular use of face masks also works greatly in diminishing signs of fine lines Β and wrinkles caused by aging, stress, lack of sleep.


…and lots LOTS more!!!






The Masks


When I’m travelling, I love to take with me sheet masks. I love them because they come in packs which you use once and throw away. Sheet makes pretty much make you look like something out of a Freddy VS Jason movie, lol, but their effects are amazing! I normally wear a sheet mask on my face for about 30mins before removing it, because thats my way of convincing myself that I have given it the perfect amount of time to ACTUALLY work. 15mins is tooo little for me!!


I especially LOVE these ones!


On my recent trips abroad, I took a few of these with me, and I’m so glad I did, because two days into my trip, my skin started being bumpy, and I looked like I had miniture mole hills on my face. LOL. I figured that due to the weather change, the altitude and dehydration from the plane, my skin has seen the most, and was ANGRY!! So I used the Skin Strategy “Soothing and Calming” face mask, and LOVED!! Loved it so much i convinced my sister and my earthly momma to try them too! (FYI- they loved them!) they cleared out the mole hills within 2 days and my skin was back to normal again! πŸ™‚

These retail for about R14/R15 for one sheet mask, but, THEY DO THE JOB!!



Winter love 4


When at home this is one of my most used Face masks. The Turmeric and Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque from Kiehl’s is an ABSOLUTE love! I love this one especially when I feel my skin is looking dull, tired and ‘bland’ (for lack of a better term, lol). One of the QUICKEST ways to bring life to, and a beautiful glow to the skin! What I love about this one, is that it’s creamy with exfoliating properties, thanks to the cranberry seeds as well! πŸ™‚ It is thick yet applies very smoothly onto the face, with this baby, even just applying it, you have the sense that this product is going to work (highly optimistic, I know, lol). Β The next day, you see the difference. Just look in the mirror after using it, and thank me later. πŸ™‚




Winter Eseentials 4


Now anyone who uses masks will tell you- the BEST mask to use when you want to clean our your pores, deep cleanse your facial skin, you NEED a clay mask! This Body Shop Ionic Clay Mask is a winner, and one of the best sellers of masks at The Body Shop.This one is a little abrasive, so I would suggest NOT using it too often, like maybe once every 2/3 weeks should be sufficient, purely because of it’s exfoliating nature, the texture is quite rough, and I would suggest you apply too much of it at the same time. A little goes a long way.

However it works GREAT at cleaning up your pores, and the clay draws out excess and unnecessary oils from your pores! Great to detoxify!


Those are some of my favourite masks!


Are you using any masks that you can recommend? Let me know.


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❀


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