Hey Everyone!!

I’m sure by now you have already seen the previous installment about my trip to the Fairlawns Boutique Hotel event. This post is just an added extra regarding the trip to the SPA which Lindi and I had a special tour of! (You will know who Lindi is if you read the previous post! πŸ™‚


Even though it wasn’t part of the days event, the MD of the hotel was kind enough to arrange a tour of the SPA for Lindi and myself, led by the beautiful Corne. She was so sweet and took us around the whole SPA, answering any questions we had! Man, and did we HAVE questions!! πŸ™‚ The SPA is Balinese themed and from the moment you walk in you are already transported. Immmediate thought- BALI. Think of Bali, the culture and traditional features. This SPA reflected all that!





I would’ve loved to take pictures of the massage rooms, but honestly, it was soo dark in there that the camera wouldn’t reflect how perfectly dark, quiet and serene that environment was! It almost felt like a crime to take photos!!! Goodness, it was just so perfect!


However, I didn’t complain about not being able to take pictures inside, because OUTSIDE was PERFECTION!!! That was the show stopper! That was what made me ooooh and aaaah, wide eyed and jaws to the floor!!! The SPA has outside rooms in the garden, with Balinese themed and inpired surroundings. Wow, you honestly don’t feel like you are in the middle of Johannesburg. It’s quiet, and all you hear is the sound of running water from the water features and Koi ponds inside the garden.


This was genuinely a piece of HEAVEN!





Koi Pond and Water feature.


One of the couples massage rooms available in the garden.


This was a relaxation area you could sit in while you waited for your massage therapist, or if you need peace and quiet after a massage. This was beautiful. ❀

It really was a great tour of a really beautiful SPA! Of course we also got some SPA vouchers so I can’t WAIT to be back here with my sister and our mom to indulge in a SPA day and have a late lunch at the Hotel Restaurant!!! Looks like Spring is off to a great start!! πŸ™‚ ❀

I really enjoyed this event! Can’t wait to go back!

Have you visited Fairlawns Boutique Hotel before? Let me know!

Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love ❀


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