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Memory and Gratitude



“It takes huge effort to free yourself from memory…”

Paulo Coelho


Hello Everyone!


We are back from the weekend, and it’s that time again, where we gear up (even though, honestly, I’d rather still be in my bed, lol), and it’s time to prepare ourselves for the week ahead. We have to get our minds in a mental space that will get you through the week, and prepare you for greatness!


Far too often, we don’t really take into cognizance what a key role our memory plays, in reminding us, of how hugely blessed we are. Even though our memory may harbour, deep and dark spaces, which we’d rather NOT remember, it also houses the best moments of our lives, no? How sad would it be not to remember someone whom we may have lost and is no longer around anymore? Not being able to remember their smile, their laughter, the way they’d make you feel? What a horrible and dim life we would lead. Our memory serves as a reminder to the good, and sometimes, unfortunately, the bad. However, I don’t have a problem remembering the bad- I have a problem associated with the FEELINGS surrounding that memory…


What we should be taking from it however, is, the lesson we have learned from that bad experience, and how we moved from it. Your memory houses sooooo many different times and parts of your life. It compartmentalizes what you CHOOSE to remember, what you CHOOSE to forget.




Your memory houses the beautiful moments of life, that took your breath away…. Your memory houses how it first felt when you had your first kiss, and even how your feet and toes felt between the sand on that holiday… your memory house what you saw, how it felt, and reminds you of that moment, over and over again, as and when you choose.


How LUCKY we are!!!


Remembering, reminds you to show your gratitude, and show your appreciation for how good you have it. How lucky you are to have been so abundantly blessed, and lucky enough to remember it all. Some people dont have that luxury. The luxury of remembering. Some people wake up and don’t remember who they are, why they are here, and what their purpose in life is.



You remember your mother, your father, first experiences, your wedding day… The first time you held your child in your arms after 9 long months of just waiting. The first time you drove a car, and how panicked you would get when the car switched off when you waited at the robot. That one hug, that  was so tight, you could get lost in it, and never wanted to remove yourself from it, because in that one moment, you knew that everything was going to be ok. How it felt to tell your parents you love them, and to SEE the look of love from them to you, staring right back at you, even though they couldn’t ever say it back, especially your father. lol. The feeling you felt the first time you looked at yourself in the mirror with a full face of makeup on. The first time you fell. The first time someone cat called you, or spoke to or held you inappropriately. You remember the first taste of Eskimo ice cream, or the smell of the earth after a downpour.





Be grateful for that. Appreciate each and every memory you possess.

What is your most fond memory? I’ve shared some of mine with you in this blog post, and if you would like a blog post where I share some of my memories with you in detail, let me know 🙂


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤


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