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So this is the LAST installment of my travel diaries to Italy posts, and this one will be looking at the highlights and “low lights” of this trip. Overall, the trip was BOMB, amazing, and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to go to one of the most beautiful places in the world. I love it. Love it.


However, like with the good things, there are bad things. This blog post will basically consolidate what I loved, about Italy, and what wasn’t so great.




  • Milan, the city itself. I am a city girl and Milan was such a BEAUTIFUL city for me. More than anything, I enjoyed Milan more than Venice. Yup. I said that . I loved milan, the city, the architecture.


Milan 30


Milan 31


Milan 32


  • The weather.  I know this is SO BASIC, but the weather there was phenomenal, because we went from winter in SA to straight up summer! LOL


  • The Tours. The tours we went on to see the Duomo and The Last Supper tour were amazing for me, those will remain with me for a long time!!

Milan 10

Milan 28



  • The SideWalk restaurants, cafes. There were so many of them, I loved the style of them and how easy access they were and they just went with the whole aesthetic of the place.


  • I loved the architecture of Venice as well. The whole “run down” “olden” style of the building mixed with a little Tuscan feel is amazing. Awesome to look at.




  • The Plane. Lol, this may come as a surprise to many people because I hate flying. I fly when I absolutely HAVE to, but this time around I really enjoyed it.




  • Racism. This was the only thing, yet most disappointing thing about having been there. The stares, snide remarks, inward laughs, horrible treatment ( like waiting almost 20mins to get served at a restaurant). I was not pleased. I left like an outsider, felt like I was looked at like I wasn’t human. I hated it. Tolerated it, but hated it.


Overall, the country, in itself is a BEAUTIFUL country. Well, what we saw of it anyway. Milan and Venice. I enjoyed my time there, but doubt that it will be a place where I would return, because when I travel, I like to look and FEEL comfortable, not like I’m always being watched, spoken down to, and all that. Due to this reason, I don’t see myself every returning unless I HAD to for a serious reason.


That is the last of the Travel Diaries Series for Italy. If you would like the photo montage where I do 1 or 2 blog posts with just pictures of the trip, let me know, I have TONS of them I can still show you.


Until my next travels,


Live in Light and Love ❤


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