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Beautiful Venice!!!

This place! My goodness, not even photos do it justice! You literally have to be there to witness all the beauty that AMAZING VENEZIA has to offer!!!


This was the second destination we went to on the Italy trip.



We took a beautiful 2hr train journey where we left Milan and then headed towards Venice. The VIEWS were amazing!! 🙂 A comfortable journey, it didn’t even feel like 2 hours. We enjoyed seeing the scenery change from a hustle bustle metropolis to farmlands, to eventually, lots of water… EVERYWHERE!







When we got off the train, we headed to the taxi “rank” if you will, LOL, which had a water taxi already waiting for us, and we got in, with all our luggage, and we sailed off into the distance… of course on the way to our hotel of course!

Venice is dotted with many islands around it, and the hotel where we were staying, was on Giudecca Island, about a 15min trip from where we found Mr Taxi!



The views where nothing short of MIND BLOWING!!! I I turned my head left, right, squinted my eyes at some point, opened them wider at another point, all at looking around me!



Beauty Personified.





We were staying at the BEAUTIFUL IL PALLADIO hotel (pictured above). When we approached the building for the first time, it looked run down, not appealing at all, and at some point, my sister and I worried if we had found the right hotel, LOL. However, we where SO surprised when we stepped inside. It is a BEAUTIFUL haven with amazing gardens, specious rooms, with eco friendly “green” services. AMAZING.




Then it all made sense. The way the hotel looked on the outside, was keeping with the aesthetics of Venice as a whole. The hotel is fairly new, but looking at it from the outside left us thinking, “no, something is wrong here”. Our jaws were on the FLOOR when we walked inside. The place is absolutely STUNNING. ❤





Many secret gardens. Places to sit and read if you wanted to. Soooo green!





So, as we had been doing for the past couple of days… we did a LOT of walking on this trip as well! As soon as we arrived at the hotel, we dropped our bags off, freshened up and headed out to get some lunch, as the last meal we had was around breakfast at 9am the morning.




We took a little stroll around Giudecci Island until we settled at a cafe overlooking Venice and the water and had lunch…






The following day and the day after that, we took the water taxi every morning to the main island, where we spent most of the day, looking around, taking walks and doing a lot of shopping in between. It was fun for the most part, but we often got back to the hotel very tired and wanting to crash early every night.


These coming photos are some of the things we got up to when we were there…



We took an hour long boat ride around Venice, taking in the sights and sounds. Of course we also got special seats to seeing where the Italian job was done, and where Mr George Clooney got married. This was amausing stuff. LOL. We had a great cabbie guy!



Pictured above and below is me and my brother at the St Marco square/piazza where many shops and food places are located. This is where we had lunch and did some shopping and souvenir shopping as well.







For me though, NOTHING compared to walking the small inside streets and coming across these tiny bridges where you could stand and watch as the Gondolas went past with couples or families touring Venice.












We spent most of the the Venice trip walking around, shopping and and and….!!



I will not lie, and I really do not want to leave this out, because I think it is something someone who is planning on going to Italy would like to know. The RACISM in Italy is appalling. I will not lie, but MANY, MANY a time we would get looks of shock, looks of disgust, you would see that people who be looking at you funny, this purely because of the colour of our skin.


When we would walk into a high end store, the people working there would have their security guards follow us everywhere in the store while we were trying to shop. The bodyguard mind you, was always black. It was sad, and made our shopping experience a little bit uncomfortable. Well, a lot actually.


Even at the hotels we were staying at, you could see that people were only talking to us because they had to, they had no other choice. If anything, they would’ve preferred that they didn’t speak to us. Everywhere we went, it was horrible. I am grateful to be living in South Africa though. Due to the fact that I live here, I have known and experienced racism FIRST hand and honestly, you begin to develop a thick skin to it. It becomes like water off a ducks back. Yes it still angers you, but you learn to to understand that you are not the one with the problem here, and you keep it moving. Because of that, we shrugged everything off and ensured that we had a good time.

I speak about our racial incidences on my travel diaries vlog on Beauty Corner SA (our YouTube channel), you can check it out in more detail there.

As you know there are MANY MANY other pictures of what we saw and what we did, you will let me know if you would like to see a photo montage of all the things we did there!


This is the second last installment of Travel Diaries for Italy!

The last one will be all about food!!! So look our for that one! ❤


Until the next one,


Live in light and Love ❤


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    1. ❤ I'm glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 I realized I didnt really take many pics of the food we ate 😦 So I'm a little apprehensive about putting up the food one, but we will see. I thought I had enough photos. 😦


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