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Milan 10


Hello Everyone!!


Now if you are reading this, and you follow my Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook pages, you will know that I recently went with my family on a trip to beautiful ITALY! As always, (duh), I will be sharing my experiences there with you- including pictures, moments, what I liked and what I wasn’t so fond of about Italy… and believe me, there is SOMETHING….!


Due to the fact that I have SOOOOO many pictures, I’ll be splitting this travel diaries into 3 parts. This first installment will be on what we did in Milan. The next installment will be on what we got up to in Venice, and finally the 3rd installment will address what I liked and didn’t like about the trip and if I would go back!!! (Essentially, MY THOUGHTS).

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This I just HAVE to talk about! I normally do not like to fly, but this flying experience simply BLEW my mind!! We were flying Business class on Emirates and the treatment we received??!?!?! I was knocked out of my socks, like, right out!!! It was my first time flying business class and honestly I couldn’t believe how much better service you get just by paying a little bit more…

Milan 1


Our flgiht took off late on a Tuesday evening around 10:30pm and we jet setted off to Dubai (so aint nobody got time for makeup)!. It was a connecting flight, and we arrived in Dubai around 08:30am the following morning, only an hour layover time, and at around 09:30 we were off again to Milan. We arrived in Milan around 15:00pm that afternoon. CRAZY travelling time in the air!


Milan 3


This became a good friend of mine when it came to easing my nerves on the long flights! LOL. An easy way to make sleep come quickly, and a little bit of alcohol courage to help you deal with the turbulence (which really, this time around, was NOT that bad, at all). A had a few, well, more than a few. LOL. SSShhhhhh!


Milan 5

My book and fuzzy socks were the order of the day everytime I got onto the plane. Even though I hardly read.


Milan 2


I didn’t hear “chicken or beef?” on this flight! LOL. No joke, the Menu we received and the 5* treatment was unbelievable. I was often looking forward to eating. This was on the flight to Milan, and breakfast was served!!!




Milan 4

We did not waste any time! As soon as we got to the Hotel , we dropped off our bags, took a MUCH needed shower! (I was feeling all sorts of dirty after flying for over 14 hours!!). Shortly after cleaning up, we thought we would take a short walk and see our neighbourhood for the next 3 days. IT WAS amazing! We (my family and myself) love to take vacations where we remain active, do lots of walking, sight seeing, and shopping (duh), but seriously, we love to keep active. Compensating for all the food we eat when we travel, LOL!


Milan 9


Walking the streets of Milan, blew me away. I love to look at the architecture in big metropolitan cities, and this one was no exception. I took LOTS of images and was “oooohhing” and “aaaahhhhing” the whole time!


Milan 7



As we were walking we eventually landed up in the shopping district of the Milan Piazza and we saw so MANY shops! From H&M, Zara, Sephora, Chanel, Tom Ford, Michael Kors, and SOOOOO many more! We lost our minds!!! lol


Milan 21

Galleria. Shopping District. Milan Piazza.


Milan 8


You do know we HAD to walk in right???!?!?! Beauty Bloggers DREAM Beauty Store!!

After this, around 8pm, sun still out and shinning, we sat down for a quick dinner before heading back to the hotel for some shut eye in preparation for DAY 2!



On the second day, we had a walking tour of Milan booked and ready for the day. The tour was around 3 hours long. Walking the streets of Milan and going to some of the attractions that Milan has to offer.

Milan 17


Pictures were standard on this trip! We had a lot of fun with  little Miss Butterfly! ❤ 🙂


First stop of the tour was the DUOMO CATHEDRAL. Not only was a blown away by the beauty of this cathedral, but its sheer SIZE and magnitude left me speechless.

It was truly beautiful, and because of the tour we were on, we managed to skip the LONG line of people wanting to get to see the inside of the cathedral and we were ushered right to the front (man, did we feel special!!! LOL! It helps to pay ahead of time).


Milan 18


Once on the inside. I could hardly speak. My mouth was glued shut. I looked, and looked, and looked….

Milan 22


The Marble. All that marble. I am Catholic by faith and this moment was tremendous for me.

Milan 19

A statue of St Bartholomew- outside the Cathedral.


Milan 23


The infamous statue of Bartholomew spoken about by Mark Twain as “repulsive”. I won’t lie, it’s not a nice statue to look at, as it depicts Bartholomew skinned alive, and holding his own skin, with pieces of his brain protruding from the back of his neck. Replusive, but for me, FASCINATING. I wanted to know why.This is one of the stories on how the Saint possibly died. He is seen as the Saint of Tanners and a martyr. I was blown away by this story. I still am today.


Milan 20


The cathedral is a place I will never in my life forget. I enjoyed this part of the tour.


Leonard’s Last Supper Tour

Milan 27


From there we went to see the painting of The Last Supper done by Leonardo Da Vinci, in that very room, on that very wall. I couldn’t express how much emotion filled my heart when we entered this room. A small group of 25 people are allowed in every 15mins, to preserve the artwork and integrity of the painting. It was HUGE!! BREATHTAKING and Amazing to witness!

Milan 26


On the  opposite end of the room was the crucifixion painting as well, which was equally incredible to see.


Milan 29


After this tour, we talk in some more sights, sat down for some lunch and the following day, lots of shopping was done!!! (Our favourite part, lol, just kidding!).


Milan 14


Milan 15


Milan 13


The day after, we left in the morning for a train ride to VENICE!!!


Will tell you all about Venice in the next installment of Travel Diaries ITALY!!! 🙂


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤


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    1. LOL, yes, them prices are crayyyyy!!! But I think it’s nice to treat yourself every coupla years and fly business! I hardly fly business too, but every once and again, especially if you have planned the trip for well over a year you know… Why not go all out? LOL


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