MM 10


Good Morning! 🙂


I trust you had a great weekend, and are ready to take on the week with a little bit of umph and spark!!! Yesssss!!!! 🙂


The picture above pretty much sums it all up for me this week, and it is something I wanted to share with you too. ❤




BE KIND- Your one simple random act of kindness, could save someone’s life, or dramatically alter it in a very positive way. So be kind with your words, your actions.Someone might need that this week.


WORK HARD- Never stop. Keep pushing. Working hard now, pays off later, and you know what they say… Nothing worth having ever comes easy. So, there’s no time to give up! Get your booty up and go!!!


STAY HUMBLE- Harold B Lee says “Stay true in the dark, and humble in the spotlight” . Let your concerns be driven by concern of what is right, than actually BEING right. HUMILITY IS THE MOTHER OF GIANTS.


KEEP HONEST- The truth won’t break any friendship. Or relationship. Or colleague relationship. Family relationship. Nothing. Be truthful.


TRAVEL WHEN POSSIBLE- If you can, do it. Travel. You don’t have to be taking extravagant trips and such, but just travel. See the world, explore your country. Get out and explore the cultures, diversities of everything and everyone around us.


NEVER STOP LEARNING- Albert Einstein said it himself “Once you stop learning, you start dying”. There is a lesson in everyday, in what life teaches us. So, learn.


BE THANKFUL ALWAYS- Have you noticed how you feel when you are filled with gratitude over something?  You are overwhelmingly happy and content with yourself, your life and the moment you are in. Remember to know that, at any moment, that could be taken away. So be thankful. For memories, friends, family, moments.


…AND LOVE- Choose love. Everyday. Choose to take the risk of loving and being loved in return. Look beyond the exterior, the facade, and love wholeheartedly. Life is depressing without love.



That’s it from me!


Have a great week ❤


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤


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