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Hey everyone!


So it’s been a while since I did a “My Life in Photo’s” or SNAPS blog post, so I thought now would  be the perfect time to talk about some of my favourite snap shots over the past few weeks to a month!

So, lets get started!!!

TOP ROW (From Left)


  • This photo of me was taken from my sister at the IMAN event we attended a while back. I was actually sick with the flu at the time, and I wasn’t feeling my best, but I wanted to show up for this event! Little did I know when I was looking back at the photos on my camera that night, that, this would be one of my favourite photos from that day. Let me know you want an OOTD from that day (however I have spoken about some of those clothes before). The jacket is from Zara, I have been wearing the HECK out of it this winter!


  • ITALY!!! Yes! So it was difficult for me to keep this mum for the LONGEST time, but we went to ITALY recently!!! I went with my family and this Cathedral in Milan is known as The Duomo. I loved that tour of the Cathedral SO much that I took so many pictures of it, inside and outside! This was one of my best shots! Of course travel diaries posts are coming! Be sure to follow me so that you can keep up with my posts! ❤


  • That picture was taken from a recent visit to the Apartheid Museum with my Mr Special on a “Date Day” if you will. LOL. From the moment we arrived, we were already segregated and classed into a special racial group by the tickets. It was an amazing day, of remembering history, where this country has been, where it is, and where it is going. This was a good day. Even though many areas in the museum, and many of the things I read upset me, I kept it together and pulled through, there is a blog post coming of a more in depth experience of that day, pictures and all. Stay tuned!!




  • That picture was also taken earlier that day (Apartheid Museum Day) when we went for a picnic at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens which are amazing. Even though the weather turned out to be a little too cold the day- instead of a full on picnic (even though the picnic basket and blanket were already in the car), we opted to go for a little stroll in the gardens, then head for the Museum. I ended up getting some really beautiful images at the Gardens though! So that was a plus!!! 🙂


  • So guess who recently joined SNAPCHAT???!?!?! Yay!!!! I did! After quite a few people had asked me to join Snapchat, I finally caved in and joined. Frankly, I LOVE IT!!!! This feature in particular is one of my favourite features! I normally rant on there, do some miniature hauls and clips of upcoming videos, so do best and add me on the SNAP!! (LOL, is that a thing they say? LOL). My username is ‘gentleorchidkat’. 🙂


  • This is the new Avatar for our YouTube Channel Beauty Corner SA, and it’s one of my faves. ❤ I love the way we look (in black), and the genuine smiles of two sisters who love creating content online through YouTube! Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, there’s lots to share, and lots more coming, INCLUDING our travel diaries posts and haul from Italy! Be sure to subscribe! 🙂



That’s it for this edition of My Life in Photos!


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤


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