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So this is a little bit of a controversial topic that I’ll be addressing on the blog today, so buckle your seat belts, don’t take it personally, and lets go for a ride shall we?! Now, this is not typically a topic I would address, but I think that its good to push the boundaries a little bit and talk about the things that are never talked about!! I don’t see it as starting funny things, however, I see it as raising awareness to some of the things that are happening in the blogging community.




Well, lets give credit where credit is due, blogging became big many years ago overseas, I’m talking Europe and The States, granted. However, as with everything that grows, blogging became a worldwide “global phenomenon” that took the world by storm. Blogging provided a platform for people (more like the average person, like myself) to speak their mind, talk about their interests, loves, hates and eventually created a great platform for business opportunities! However, by African, I mean bloggers on the African continent aren’t as widely recognised as bloggers throughout the world. Taking it one down from that, black bloggers even have a TOUGHER time gaining recognition for what they bring to the table. Yay or nay? These are my opinions, based on what I have WITNESSED as a black, female, african and “not skinny” blogger. Yes, lol, I said it.







What I have picked up is that black female bloggers, from the African continent, have a much harder time being “recognised” and put on a platform where their work is recognised and acknowledged and rewarded in some cases, as compared to their white counterparts (Yes, I still said it, lol). I’m not making it a racial issue, I kindly ask you in this respect to broaden your mind to the reality of the situation. I have been blogging for over 3 years, and in those 3 years, I have seen how the dynamic is vastly different. I follow and subscribe to MANY WONDERFUL BLACK FEMALE AFRICAN BLOGGERS who produce excellent content on their blog, and for the amount of time that they have been in the game, one would think their work could be recognised. It is very disheartening to see bloggers with so much talent, and so much to offer to the blogging world, not recognised purely because of the colour of their skin, their body shape, or the continent they are from (evidently in this case).




I’ve picked up that some of the things that prohibit African female black bloggers from gaining momentum and growing themselves, their brand is purely because of these factors

  • The colour of their skin
  • Their body shape/size (UNFORTUNATELY)
  • Their location


Let me tell you why I say this, as a beauty and lifestyle blogger, I taught myself to take the initiative to approach certain brands I’d love to work with (not even for money, but just for exposure) and many times, the door has been shut in my face. Look, I know I don’t have the BEST blog in the world, lol, but I know a thing or two about blogging and exposure! Even with the doors being shut in my face, I keep trying. Only until recently, are opportunities coming my way, and I’m appreciative of all of this, but it came after SO LONG putting myself on the map and trying! I feel they like if you don’t fit a certain mould, the struggle will be real. Feel Me?




Lets be honest here, you can’t fault some brands for not wanting to work with you. Many brands have big bloggers on their payroll, for exposure for their brand, and why expect them to work with a small blogger right? However, come on, all bloggers start somewhere right?


However, BIG UPS to the big time brands that DO recognise small time bloggers like Daniel Wellington and as much as its brand campaigning for the brand, but its great exposure for us bloggers too. There are brands who take the chance on small bloggers, and those brands are acknowledged and recognised by the same bloggers they approach.


Tell me if I’m wrong though? What’s your opinion on this? I’d love to know. I want to continue, but for fear of making this post too long, I’ll stop here! lol


My opinions are mine, and that in no way makes me seem like I’m ignorant. I’m just raising awareness to what is actually happening, and hopefully create conversation and impact on this topic! Let me know if you’d like another post on this, and I’ll definitely do one!


Thats it for this one!


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤



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    1. Thanks so much Aya! Sometimes it’s important to discuss the things that the blogging community/world, shys away from speaking about! I was determined to discuss this one!

      Thank you!! ❤

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