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I was doing some blog work the other day on a blog post regarding skincare, and thought to myself, it’s so difficult when you are going through a Skincare CHANGE regimen, where you want to start using different skincare, because your face is already used to the old one, its so difficult to decide which to pick! Then I remembered this AVENE pack I purchased sometime early last year, when I wanted to try something new!!!

This blog post is going to be on this Avene pack, a great Tester starter pack when you want to try out new skincare, and have always wanted to get your hand on some Avene products.

Avene 1


I think this pack is the perfect size for someone who wants to try out a particular range without breaking the bank by getting full sizes you know!! This pack is also VERY travel friendly. So if you are going on holiday, this pack has everything you will need on your face, for your face, everyday! Yup!!


This Pack comes enclosed with:

  • Cold Cream Lip Cream
  • Soothing Eye Contour Cream
  • Light Hydrating Cream
  • Micellar Lotion
  • Eau Thermale Spring Water (Which I took out and sits in my handbag)

(Check it out here on the Clicks Website)

Avene 3


I won’t be REVIEWING these products because I have only used 3 from the pack thus far:

  • Spring Water
  • Lip Cold Cream
  • Light Hydrating Cream


I just think Avene is a great brand to consider if you have especially sensitive skin and like to use products that are “safe” for your face, and not to harsh. From the products I have used, I rave about them all the time on my social media, and I think is a great buy for smaller travel sizes, for a good quality product to test out and see if your skin likes it.


Avene 5


At their full sizes all these products easily cost you around (R1050) when in this pack, you can get them for a little over R400 bucks! And this is for sizes that are slightly bigger than Travel Sizes! So totally worth it!

I do however think this would be a GREAT product to try in the warmer months purely because the cream is a “Light Hydrating Cream” and might not be enough for the colder, drier winter months!


The hydrating Light Cream, The Cold Lip Balm Cream and the Infamous Avene Spring Water are STELLAR products that get a cool 5/5 for me!


Avene Products Target naturally Sensitive Skin, that is light, thin and dry. This Cold Cream range specifically looks at hydrating the skin. Dehydration of the skin, according to the website is due “to an alteration of the lipid film on the surface and a loss in cellular cohesion. The water naturally contained in the skin evaporates in an excessive manner. When there is less than 10% water in the epidermis, the skin is dehydrated.”  (Click on sentence to learn more!)


I have sensitive skin and especially try to use products that are formulated for the protection of Sensitive skin.


Avene 2


Definitely think this range is worth a try if you are looking to get something new, or if you’re getting ready to travel and want a great range of products that are travel friendly. 🙂


I will do a full in-depth review once I have used all the products in the range, which means you will probably see the review after Winter 🙂


Have you used anything from Avene?


Let me know! ❤


Until the next time,



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