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Hello Everyone!


So I know that the bigger demographic of people that read and follow my blog, as women, and I’m lucky enough to know a few of you very well. 🙂

However this is a post on remembering how to be kind to yourself, and in this way, I’m talking specifically about RETAIL THERAPY! ❤ Ok, let’s be honest, which woman, on this planet- this one ladies- EARTH- does not like spoiling herself every once in a while? (I’m sure you’re probably not part of that specific group anyway.


So I decided to up and spoil myself a little bit because I genuinely felt I deserved it. I am woman, I work hard, every day I get up and go to work, come home and have to ensure that my bills are paid, that my house has power and that there’s food in the fridge. I have BILLS to pay, (this is the hardest part for me, lol), feeling like I’m losing all the money I make monthly, and theres nothing left to me. On top of that, there’s the blog, and the YouTube channel, like, guys… it’s honestly exhausting. 😦


So I bit the bullet and decided I want to spoil myself… 🙂 See now my mood is immediately shifting to happy mode as I type this!



I first saw the Jo Malone products at the StuttaFords store, and every time I went past I would always consider how fancy, and elegant this brand is. From the Jo Malone image itself, to the packaging. It’s clean, elegant, smart and really just radiant to look at. “Jo Malone” was founded by a Florist turned beauty extraordinaire, Jo Malone, in the nineties, from Britain. The brand itself oozes luxury and indulgence, and tons of oppulence. Jo Malone, then SOLD the Jo Malone brand to Estee Lauder, only to create a come back with another line “Jo Loves” in 2011. Read more about Jo Malone here.


So you can imagine, with its looks, and luxurious detailing, I always thought the the brand was probably so expensive I didn’t bother looking at it, but about 3 years ago, I took a “whiff” of one of their perfumes, and I fell in love! (No, literally, I did! LOL, JK). I think testing this scent, ignited my love for woody, sandalwood, and vanilla scents.


A Touch of… Wood?

So a few weeks ago, I bit the bullet, and WALKED into a Jo Malone store and got the perfume. Wait, I first walked into the store wanting to hear how much these perfumes cost (and praying I wasn’t going to have to rethink my purchase), and see if I could get one for myself. TO MY surprise I was shocked at how reasonable it was considering the size of the perfume!

Jo Malone 2



That’s the scent I fell in love with.

“Wood Sage and Sea Salt”. (100ml) bottle.


Jo Malone 4


OMG… I cant stop staring at this picture. ❤ This cologne is nothing short of amazing to me. It mixes all the signature scents that I love in my perfumes,  Woody  and musky Scents too. Now, the “Sea Salt” may through you off a bit, but honestly, they mix in soooo well together!!

Notes in the Perfume- Ambrette (Musk), Sage, Sea Salt and Grapefruit.

This scent is unlike anything I’ve ever had a whiff of before! It’s CLEAN, its fresh, woody and salty at the same time, and still I say, trust me… the salt WORKS! Somehow, it is a great fusion. A simple, but very delightful scent. Something I see myself wearing by the beach (sea salt? go figure), but also on a bight, balmy warm summers night and going for a relaxed dinner with friends. I love this scent ❤

It retails for R1500 for a 100ml bottle.

(which is good because some 75ml bottles go for about R1,2k. these days).

Only down side for me, I wish it lasted longer on my skin… Wearing time for me is a good 4 hours, and thats it. I’m used to scents with a longer lasting power, so this is a disappointment for me.


Jo Malone 3


With that I also got the matching candle, which I love for my bedroom. The scent is strong, and pronounced and I love burning it in the evening just before going to bed. I find it very calming and relaxing. ❤ I love!


That’s it for this post!

Tell me, do you even spoil yourself and what products do you like to buy when you do? have you spoiled yourself recently? Let me know! I’d love to know!!


Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love ❤


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  1. After reading this blog I smiled because just last week I declared I would do nice things for me. I went to an extraordinary and fancy restaurant to just treat myself I came back feeling happy and relaxed, my next treat is off to the spa thanks for the read😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it Ivy. We spend so much time on other people, I can imagine you would definitely relate to this as you are a mother and wife. I know that I devote so much of my time, money, energy on the people I love, sometimes I just forget about ME. I’m glad you went out and did something for YOU. ❤ I think I'll also hit the spa soon! It's been a minute!!!


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