Jun 28


Making: Difficult decisions, and trying to accept them.

Cooking: I’m nowhere near a stove, lol.

Drinking: Peppermint Tea, need something to aid my digestion.

Reading: Through my “Book of Ideas” where I jot down all my blog/youtube work, plans.

Wanting: To see my mom. Wait, I want to see her everyday.

Looking: Forward to a big trip coming very soon 🙂

Playing: “No Less” by SG Lewis. What a tune! Google it. On repeat. .

Wasting: Too much time procrastinating and over thinking, some things are a clear as daylight, there’s really not much to think about. Just Do it.

Wishing: For so many things. Wishing the hatred would end, evolution. Wishing that we weren’t defined by the colour of our skin, or our sexual orientation. Wishing for continued love and happiness.  Dreaming so big my dreams scare me!

Enjoying: Our new YouTube venture. It feels good to do what you love ❤ The recognition keeps growing and people are noticing. It’s not what we expected, but indeed a great thing. The support from family and friends has been overwhelming.

Waiting: for that special day, nervous, but it’s coming! 🙂

Liking: Hot crossed buns. I NEVER used to like them, but now, I’m having one every other day! Obsessed!

Wondering: If I will ever see my mother again…. (always wondering this)

Loving: How prayer changes things. ❤

Hoping: For good to prevail.

Needing: To save more money than I already am. I’m slacking.

Smelling: My new perfume, Jo Malone “Wood Sage and Sea Salt”. AAAAhhhh, I cant get over it!! LOVE!

Wearing: Jeans, my dads blue jersey that I stole from him, and Ugg boots.

Knowing: That this too shall pass… Often the truth is difficult to confront, but once accepted, things become a lot easier.

Thinking: I need to get my teeth polished. (Yes, I take good care of my teeth, lol, they are super sensitive, so I don’t miss dentist appointments!). I need to buy new linen, I to get my nails done… See? overthinking again.

Feeling: So blessed. It’s such a beautiful thing. Gratitude fills my heart.

Opening: A packet of Astros. Guilty pleasure. I love these sweets.

Giggling: at the persistence of  some people. Even when the hill is far too steep, you still force to climb it.

Feeling: Content. Relaxed.


June 23 a


That’s it for this session of taking stock!


Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love ❤


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