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Hello Loves ❤


So you know I love to share some great things I’ve discovered, or have been loving over the weeks/months. So, I figured now is a great time to also share with you some of the things I’ve been reaching for, on a more than normal basis! LOL (so basically, I’ve been using them so much that it’s probably boardering on addictive behaviour, I may need help, lol)



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My love for this snack is HONESTLY bordering on unhealthy! But I have to share it because you know how in Winter we kind of “let ourselves go” a little bit LOL, and gravitate to eating junk, comfort food?? Well, I started my Winter off by doing the some thing! But believe me, when I discovered these!! Honey, the sweets and crisps took a back seat! This INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS and filling snack is a BLESSING for me this Winter! I can stuff my face with this, without feeling like I’m a bear stuffing my face just before hibernation! LOL


Its fruits. Cranberry bits, yoghurt drops (which are SOO good) and other fruit and nut mixes! Its great, healthy (gluten free), and filling.You can find them at Clicks store in the pay out aisle) for around R13 for a 50g pack!

Get it! you wont regret it!!!


2. Jo Malone “Wood Sage and Sea Salt”

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Goodness! I won’t say much, because I have  a blog post on this range here. However, I have been using this fragrance almost everyday since I bought it! Its woody, rich, but also very fresh and clean with the Sea Salt touch! ❤ I love it!!! If you love fragrances, you should try this one out! Retails for R1,5k for a 100ml bottle!


3. Hello Mr Wellington!!!


CF 4


Daniel Wellington recently gifted me this beautiful watch! A classic and elegant timepiece! I love this watch and have been wearing it out! I need to take a break! This is the Classic Sheffield Watch with Rose Gold detailing! If you want to read more about this watch, go to the blog post all about it, here. ❤ Love this one!!!


4. Dry Lips? Never! Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Repair Balm


CF 2


This baby has been a LIFESAVER for me in these winter months!! Because this skin on our lips has troulbe holding on to moisture, I needed a lip balm that would, as my sister says “DO THE MOST” when it came to hydration!! I needed that! My prayers were answered Hallelujah when I came across this baby! This product soothes and cools the lips, helping retain the natural moisture of your lips. I normally use it at night, just after showering before going to bed, to give it time to work while I sleep. Retails for R245 at any retail Edgars, Clicks or Red Square Stores.




CF 3


Absolutely LIVING for this Primer Water from Smashbox cosmetics!!! Its sooo great to apply on as a primer before applying your makeup, and as a spray to seal your makeup for the day after you’ve applied it! Its beautiful, and works wonders! Get for oily skin! Retails for R400 at any retail dealer that stocks Smashbox cosmetics! 


Thats it for my current faves! Let me know what you’ve been loving at the moment!


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤


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  1. Hello Ladies

    You have such a beautiful blog!!! And as an obsessed skin care blogger am so loving all the skin care blogs!
    Am also trying to follow but it wont allow me and my IT guy says we have to be friends on facebook or twitter. So I will find you and sort it out!

    Chat soon

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hello dear!!! I’m the only one running this blog… 🙂 My sister will soon be starting her own 🙂 Thank you for the warm words, I will try to find you on FB and twitter then! Hopefully it works!! 🙂


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