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Hello Everyone!


I trust you are well. It’s been a crazy busy two weeks for me, and it’s been hard trying to get content up on the blog, and was relying on the pre-saved drafts that I had previously written. There was so much going on in the family I never had the time to sit andd do my blog posts! 😦

Things seem to be settling down now, so I’m glad I can get back to regular posting!


This blog post is for the avid traveler who sets and jets off on long haul flights! If you are travel a lot you know the effects of a long flight on the skin. This post is on some of the beauty essentials you need to carry with you to make it on a long haul flight.




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It is so important to note that a heavy face of makeup is normally not advisable when going on a long haul flight, instead, it is more preferable to fly with a bare face, with just moisturizer. Girl, I know some of us aren’t that extreme to go bare faced at the airport, so it is advisable to have a LIGHT base of makeup on. As MINIMAL as possible!





  • SETTING POWDER – Honestly, this is ALL you need. NO liquid foundfation. Put on a little powder when you leave the house for the airport if you do not want to go bare faced, just one light layer, and nothing more! It will also come in handy when you are about to land and your want to put makeup on.


  • CONCEALER- This will be your best friend! Concealer will help you cover up dark uneven pigmentation marks on your face (same shade as your pressed powder) and one lighter one to brighten up the skin below your eyes, especially if you do not like flying (like me!) and probably haven’t slept much! The MAC Cosmetics, LA Pro Girl concealers can help you out here!


  • LIPSTICK OR TINTED LIP BALM– I LOVE lip products and I’m not a fan of my normal lip colour. So bringing along a lipstick that doesn’t really need a lipliner is a great idea, or a tinted lip balm. Clarins does the Lip balm perfectors which are amazing, and MAC has the “Lustre” range of lipsticks which don’t really require a lipliner.


  • Roller Ball Perfume- Because it is impractical to carry around a 100ml perfume Bottle in your hand luggage, a roller ball perfume is great for last minute touch ups before landing! Zara does GREAT ones!




Skincare is important once you get on a long haul flight, because taking off you makeup once getting on the plane is a good idea. You dont want to be chilling in the plane, then sleeping with makeup on, and getting it everywhere do you? I didn’t think so, lol. So, best advice is to take your makeup off during the flight.




The air in the plane is quite dry and dehydrates your skin, that’s why many people complain of breakouts when travelling. So, hydration and moisture on your face is very important. Might seem like too much to do, but honestly… you’re in a 14 hr flight… lol, you will be there a while, so you might as well RELAX and pamper yourself!


  • FACE WIPES- Important!! face wipes are the easiest and hassle free way to get your makeup off. You don’t quite have easy access to water right? So you will need face wipes to just cleanse and rehydrate your skin throughout the flight. The Johnson and Johnson face wipes are great for this.


  • MOISTURIZER– This is also very important! You must try to keep your face a hydrated as possible throughout the flight, so moisturizing your face after removing your makeup is imperative. Whatever moisturizer works for you in this instance.


TIP: Always try to find smaller sizes, samples/travel sizes for your facial products. The smaller they are, they handier they become on a long haul flight!! 


  • HAND CREAM– I think this one is self explanatory because you need to moisturize them hands!!! 🙂 I love the L’Occitane hand creams, but Nivea and Johnson & Johnson do great cost effective ones too!


  • LIP BALM- Nothing is as annoying as constantly having to like your lips over and over on a 12 hour flight because you FORGOT your lip balm! Very important! Do not forget! 🙂 I love the Avene Cold cream as it is very hydrating… The Elizabetha Arden 8 hour cream is also GREAT for this!

That is all I can think of for now! What can you not live without when you’re travelling? Let me know!

Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love ❤


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