#Monday Motivation




Hello Everyone,


I trust you all had a great weekend??!

As you know it is back to the Monday grind again, and this one is something that you can personally exercise in your life, to help drive you into a positive mental attitude, a good start to your week!


You may be wondering what personal values has to do with all of this right? I will tell you how. Values, are very subjective to each and every person. Your values, are very different to the next person. So, its your personal conception of what is good, or what is important. What you want, and what seems desirable to you. Things that you feel would make you happier, and in some cases, are good for you.


So… my two cents to you this week is make a mental note of all the values you have, and how you want to achieve them, or incorporate them into your life to make yourself a better person. Your needs, your desires and all the things you care most about in your life. So if you have values such as honesty and discipline, exercise them in your life, starting now, right now, as you read this, and better yourself. As a person. 


HOW TO DEFINE YOUR PERSONAL VALUES? (How to acknowledge what you value most in life).

  • Write down what makes you very HAPPY, and write down what makes you sad.


  • Consider values that are similar and generic to a lot of people, such as, wanting to be a honest person, or a trust worthy one, and find out which ones you align to the most. Write them down.


  • Then write down the values that are EXTREMELY important to you. Ones that would make life impossible to live if you broke them. It must hold a strong personal resonance with you. Eg. building strong bonds with family, honouring your parents, wanting to achieve strength and independence and so on. Write them down.


  • Then write down how you intend to “enact” these values. Eg, you cannot want to be close to your friends or family, but make no effort to see them. That will defeat the purpose of why you have that as a strong personal value.


  • Physically tell and force yourself to live out the life you have set for yourself with strong attachments to fulfilling your values. Very important. Wanting to fulfill that value, should make you physically remember to act in such a way as to promote that kind of life you want based on respecting those values. Do it today, and again tomorrow, and the next day.



THEN TEST YOURSELF. FOR THIS WEEK, motivate yourself by respecting and acting out what you value the most about your life, FOR your life.

You will be a better person for it.

Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love ❤


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