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Hello Everyone!!!


So Father’s Day wasn’t so long ago, and I thought that I would share my day with you… Of course I have to share what a great man my father is… We always try to make his day special, and we simply, go all out for Father’s Day…


So my “earthly momma”, lol, that’s my name for her in my head, (coz you know momma is upstairs sipping on some wine with Bra-Jesus)  my dad’s wife and the most amazing person and friend,  arranged this special lunch out for him at the Flames restaurant at the Westcliff hotel in JHB. What a beautiful day it was and the weather was in FULL agreement too!!! 🙂


So the morning started off with me surprising dad with a treatment at facial at Sorbet Man first thing on Father’s Day morning. I can safely say, he enjoyed it!

From there we headed on home, and got ready for lunch at the “Cliff”, lol, and before we left we handed him all his gifts which he loved… ( I mean why wouldn’t he right? His kids are “cool cats” and we know him well!) lol. From there we set off for the “Cliff”, but before leaving the house, as tradition dictates, we took photos!! 🙂



FD 1
Papa always becomes so awkward when we pose for pics!! LOL


FD 11
Ma Earthly momma and Miss Butterfly, my sister ❤


FD 12
My brother and my father, how IDENTICAL do these two look? Even the mannerisms! *shocked*

When we got to the Westcliff, the weather couldn’t be more welcoming… The sun was shining, the weather was warm, and we had the pleasure of sitting outside on a deck, overlooking JHB. The view, was amazing and the people I was there withm made the day more special! Of course after that, we DUG IN!!!

FD 13


Flames has a very good idea of serving everyone everything on their menu on one big platter, and then you guys eat in a sort of Greek style “family feasting” manner. Serving yourselves and having a little bit of everything on the table… We had everything from fish, to lamb chops, fillet, prawns, chicken… it was amazing! and sooo well done!!! Whoooo my mouth is watering just THINKING of it!



FD 16


FD 17


FD 15


From all sorts of desserts to making your own waffle! Best believe I jumped at this! I don’t like sweet desserts, so a waffle is perfect for me, with my own special toppings! Yum!!!


After lots of food, wine, and lots of talking and laughter we realxed and took in the view…



FD 10


FD 8


FD 5



FD 3



FD 2


It was a beautiful day spent with family ❤ 🙂


How can it not be perfect, good food, family, laughter and wine!


What did you get up to on Father’s Day?


Let me know,


Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love ❤


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6 thoughts on “FATHER’S DAY LUNCH

  1. Katlzzz! You looked great all of you. Nalz wish you looked bestest. Miss Butterfly cute as a button maaannnn I wanna kiss those cheeks with my Ruby Woo on!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Katlzzz! You looked great all of you. Nalz EISH you looked bestest gyrrrrl! Miss Butterfly cute as a button maaannnn I wanna kiss those cheeks with my Ruby Woo on!


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