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Hello Loves! 🙂


Its been a minute since I did a roundup of some of the Instagram pics I have taken in a while, so I thought that this is the perfect time to put up some of my favourite pics that I took lately on Instagram!

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Lets Begin Shall We?!

(Top Row (Left to Right)


  • Statement Necklace from LOVISA.  I don’t really walk into a jewellery and accessories store, I normally get my accessories where I shop for clothes and shoes, so typically Aldo, Woolies, Stuttafords. Saves me from making too many stops in the Mall. I did though, go goo goo gaa gaa over this statement necklace! I was never a fan of them, but slowly, my friend Refiloe introduced me to them, and ever since, I try to buy them from time to time. This one i haven’t been able to take off! I LOVE it and got it at a ridiculous sale! From R270 to R90! Come on, no contest!! Haven’t been able to take it off!


  • Mothers Day in Magalies. If you want to see the Magalies trip I took, you can find it here. It is part of a two installment blog post edition of my travel diary to Magaliesburg. This image was one of my favourite images I took from that whole trip! Head over to the Blog Instagram page to see it in full!


  • DEATH by Breakfast!. This breakfast meal, is sooooo heavenly! I will be speaking about this in a Food Cafe blog post, so be sure to look out for it! Or if you want to make things short and sweet, head over to the instagram page!!


(Bottom Row- Left to Right)


  • GRANS BDAY LUNCH OOTD. Read more on this post here. I spoke about all the outfit and make up details for that day, and I think you might want to check it out if you are a beauty and fashion lover!


  • Starbucks Coffee. So I tried Starbucks coffee for the first time, and truthfully, I don’t get the hype. For real. Maybe the Fraps are all the hype, but the Caramel Macchiato, was OK. Sorry to those who love it. Lol, I talk more about this in the Food Cafe blog post coming up!


  • BEAUTY CORNER SA. Our YouTube Channel has been so busy lately, my sister and I are trying so much to attempt to upload at LEAST once a week, if we can, twice, but we have been SO busy with this channel! We find ourselves brainstorming ideas while having dinner, coming up with ideas at the salon while getting our hair done. We have SO much in store for this channel, and we thank EVERYONE who has showed us support!! 🙂 ❤


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That’s it!!!


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love! ❤



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