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I trust you loves are are doing well?

As you know, I decided to take down the idea of doing the “Food Cafe” blog posts on a monthly basis, purely because I wanted to slightly narrow down the theme and content coming from my blog, however I know at lot of you enjoy the food posts, so I decided to bring back the Food Cafe occasionally on the blog.. Like a “special appearance” kind of thing yea.


So lets get started!!!


Taking into account the first picture, I’m sure many of you are aware that Starbucks hit SA not too long ago, with the first shop launching in Rosebank, Johannesburg. Since then, another followed at Mall of Africa. Or is it vice versa? Hmmm, anyway! lol. I was the ONLY one in my family who hadn’t tasted Starbucks Coffee. My folks have had it on their overseas trips, and when it arrived, my sister headed down there one afternoon while I was at work, despite the many times I begged her not to go without me! Mxim, thanks Nalz! So eventually on a cold dreary and wet sunday afternoon, we took the trek out to Starbucks, stood in a long queue to taste the coffee, and frankly, I’m just saying, I could’ve waited longer. I love coffee, but honestly don’t get the hype with Starbucks. Yep, I said it. I can wait a little more before going back.







OK!!! So THIS is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS a total hit!!! Even though I’m STILL not a fan of the long queues at Krispy Kreme, and don’t really like eating SWEET things too often, I MUST admit that KRISPY KREME HAS ME with their magical doughnuts!!

Recently we had some at home and their is some MAGICAL dance that happens in your mouth everytime you bite into a KK doughnut. FOR REAL. They are fluffy, incredibly soft, and with all the varieties of flavours they have, you’re guaranteed to find a new love everytime you try something new from Krispy Kreme! Have you had them? What do you think?






Now, I’m sure if you have been a die hard fan of this blog, you will be well aware of my love for sushi. It isn’t however something I have regularly, becuase I do get “tired” of it, but there are days where I crave it like mad, and have it for lunch AND supper (yea, I’m weird like that I know!). What makes life a lot easier is Woolworths!! LOL, it really does. If you don’t have the budget to go to KOI restaurant or a fancy Japanese place for sushi, Woolies offers you get starter packs for sushi. Not your ADVANCED sushi, but it does a great job with their caterpillar rolls and their rainbow reloaded rolls and so on… You can check it out here, if you’ve always wanted to try out sushi, on a budget. πŸ™‚ On this night, I was working on my couch, and indulged with some sushi for dinner.






I absolutely POSITIVELY have to talk about this new breakfast dish from Mugg & Bean!

The Croque Madame is BY FAR one of the best breakfast dishes that I’ve had in a while! If you are a lover of breakfast, you will know how boring breakfast can get and you always have to keep re-inventing your breakfast dishes! This plate came as a heaven sent!

It encompasses ALL my favourite breakfast times on ONE plate, on practically ONE item of food! Even though I couldn’t finish it, it blew me away!

It has avocado, egg, tomatoe, bacon and creamy mustard cheese sauce and melted cheddar cheese all between 2 slices of toasted bread!!! ARRRGGGGG, my mouth is watering just thinking of this! I cant say anymore! No Kat, stop stop!!!






FD 13


So on Father’s Day the family had a FEAST at the Westcliff. Look, black people LOVE meat, meat is our THANG!!! LOL, so if this irks you out, i apologize for that! just scroll right passed this one! This platter was a mix of fish, lamb fillet, prawns, lamb chops and chicken… and we had a side order of green beans and butternut. True Sunday feasting!


FD 14

Pretty much cleaned the plate..

FD 17

FD 16


Thereafter we indulged in some great  desserts and cheese platters. NOM NOM!!! Major yum yum in my tum tum at this point! For Joburgers, I suggest you try out Flames restaurant at The WestCliff Hotel ❀

TRY IT. You’ll thank me later.


That’s it for this edition of The Food Cafe!!! Catch you in the next one! πŸ™‚


Until the next time,

Live in Light and Love ❀


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