Birthday dinner 2
Outfit for the Night


Hello Everyone! 🙂


So I’ve picked up that the OOTD and MOTD posts seem to get a lot of attention here on my blog, so I figured that every now and again, I will put up a post, and give a detailed description of my outfit or makeup of that day! 🙂


On this evening, my family had taken me out for a lovely dinner at The Wine House in Johannesburg. (Click here to know more about the Wine House).




Birthday dinner 4


  • COAT- TED BAKER (+- R5/6K)- This coat was a gift from my father last year for around winter for my birthday, and I think I only wore it twice?! (hides!). The thing is, all my expensive pieces of clothing I try not to “wear out”, lol, and ONLY under no circumstances will I just purely wear it JUST! It’s actually wrong, because I should wear it as and when I want to, LOL. The camel colour, is EVERYTHING and it is one of the best coats I own. I have 3 great ones, this baby tops the list. I wear it because I look and feel good in it! It is sooooo classy!


  • TURTLE NECK- WITCHERY (+-R800)- I am a die hard fan for turtlenecks in the winter time (and personally I also hate my neck getting cold in winter, lol), and Witchery is often the first place I look when I want a GOOD QUALITY turtleneck at a reasonable price. I got 2 of this black one I’m wearing here, and boy am glad i did, because I wear them at least twice a week!


  • STATEMENT NECKLACE- LOVISA (+-R90. from R200) – I speak about this neck piece in this blog post here. Its great, and glitzy, encompasses all the colours that I love (black, silver, grey).


  • DARK WASH BLUE JEANS- LEVIS (+-R800)– Anyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE fan of Levi’s jeans, and if you know me EXTRA well, you know I like, LIVE in jeans, every single day! 🙂 All thats left now is to sleep in them! LOL. I especially love the 710 Super Skinny Range of denim.


  • SHOES- ALDO (+-R1.7k)– These shoes I fell in love with the first time I saw them at the store. How the just fit on my foot and how the make my feet look elegant and classy!! I LOVE THEM!!! Even though the heel is high, its a “comfortable high” (does that even exist? lol). ❤


  • MIDI RINGS ALDO– The rings on my right fingers are both from Aldo as well.


Birthday dinner 3


Birthday dinner 5
Apple and Ginger Pudding


Birthday dinner 6

Birthday dinner 8


Birthday dinner 7
Me and the Love Bug ❤ 


Birthday dinner 9
Family ❤ 
















That’s it for this look. As much as it was a dinner, I didnt want to go fully formal, but also wanted to dress up for the occasion!


Thats it for this edition of OOTN.

Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤


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