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Hello everyone 🙂


So I’ve been away over the last couple of days, and in my moments of truth and thinking, I came to the acknowledgement that often, I’m not too PERSONAL in my blog. Many bloggers are not. I mean, we want our blogs to be a place where one can come and be transported away for a little bit and be happy. I love to blog, and I love the reaction and responses when I blog about some of the things my blog following friends love ❤


However, like any other person, even with doing that, we also want to seem relatable, warm and approachable. We also want to be remembered as we human, and going through trials and challenges too. So for fear of not seeming, warm and relatable, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce the honesty series to my blog…




The “Honesty” installment is going to be an once a month, raw account of all the things I may want to air honestly, and truthfully to my blog. A personal insight into what is going on at the moment, voicing my happiness, dissatisfaction, rants, good moments, inner struggles, ANYTHING to want to share, that can give you, reading this, at little insight into my head space and such. Let me know if you would like these to continue…. and I will gladly do them for you 🙂




  • LOSS. There is a reason why I haven’t been regular with my blog posts over the past month or so. There has been a death in my family, and understandably, grieving comes with loss, and as it was so sudden and unexpected, it took everyone by utter shock and surprise. Some time off was needed, as family commitments had to be adhered to, and time away from social media was necessary for a little while.


  • MENTAL EXHAUSTION. As with the physical exhaustion that came with being up and down with family commitments, the beginning of june came with being busy. Birthdays, family commitments, filming for the channel, and trying to actually live my life and maintain consistency in my relationships, friendships, all the SHIPS. On top of that there’s work, personal struggles, and plainly just being a woman! LOL, you are ALWAYS going through something if you are a woman, lol. Sad, but true. So trutfully I went through a period where I was just constantly tired. I didnt want to blog, or film, I wanted to just sleep, and spend my weekends alone, SLEEPING. I felt like I was going through some sort of brain and body drain where I just didnt want to do anything.Does this happen to you? It gets to the point where it is debilitating.This is what worries me, that affects me to the point where I struggle to even WANT to keep up with daily life. It just becomes too much sometimes 😦


  • “TIRED OF BEING STRONG”. I am that person who always plays the listening and helping out role. I mean, I have NO problem playing this role if I can. I love to help, and offer a listening shoulder to a friend, loved one, colleague, anything. However, personally, I’m that person who the people around me know very little of my private life. I keep that part of my life very tight to my chest, I see no need in discussing it, only maybe to one or 2 people. Sometimes, it all gets to be a bit too much. The responsibilities, helping people to the point where you forget to help yourself. The feeling that you have absolutely no one worrying about you when you out here worrying about everyone else. Your internal struggles, that only you know something about, they get to the point where they are too much, and you need someone to just carry the load for you, and just make things lighter. I got to that point, coupled with the commitments- it did get to a point where it was all a tad too much. I’m still trying to find my way to being 100% ok again. I’m not there yet.



So, as much as you see the blog posts, the great posts on beauty, travel, lifestyle, I do have struggles too. I am fighting those internal battles too. Sometimes I don’t even want to do ANY blogging for that matter, or filming, or working. Sometimes I want to draw the curtains and hide away for a little while. Then I remember that life is too short, I cant hide. I need to confront my struggles, and at least TRY to fight, TRY to get back on track.

I guess the hardest journey is learning to accept, understand and love yourself is the hardest one of them all.

I guess it isn’t always daisies and rainbows….


Can you identify with anything I have spoken about here? If so let me know!


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤


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