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Welcome back to another Beauty Review blog post!

This time we will be looking at the Six Sensational Skincare “Eye and Lip Soft Exfoliator” cream. 


This product!!! Hmmmm where do I start?!?!

Firstly, everytime you think of a lip exfoliator, you automatically think of Lip Scrubs, or even any exfoliator that has some sort of micro balls in it which may be abrasive to the skin right? So, you can imagine how my interest level PEAKED when I saw “Soft exfoliator”, I mean, who wants ANYTHING abrasive around their eyes? I know I don’t!


I was first introduced to the Six Skincare range when I went on a SPA day sometime early last year to Mount Grace Country House and Spa, a beautiful hotel in the heart of Magaliesburg, read all about it on my Travel Diaries post here.

So the Spa there uses the Six Skincare range and I was introduced to the Eye and Lip Exfoliator when I was getting a facial done. My goodness was I surprised at this product!! Not only is it PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN, but it is a great range of products too!




A big love, is that it is suitable for all skin types, making it sensitive enough even for the most sensitive skin, and as you can see in the picture, it comes in a 30ml bottle, which makes it PERFECT for travelling. Because it is an exfoliator, there is no need to use it everyday, and a little does really go a long way! It contains the ingredient Pentavitin, which regulates and retains moisture in the skin, great for keeping the skin smooth and soft.




The cream itself is white and doesn’t have a heavy consistency. It rubs into the skin and disappears quickly after you apply it to the lips ( bare in mind, I only use it as a LIP exfoliator, because I wouldn’t want to exfoliate the area around my eyes, it’s just too sensitive). So, what I do, is rub it into my lips, for a good minute, and then leave it there for another 2 minutes. After that, I wash it off. And true to what it is supposed to do, it leaves the lips more softer and hydrated. It is great for removing the top layer of dead skin cells on the lips, without doing so abrasively.


I think it is PERFECT for people with sensitve skin, and more especially, ladies who wear lots of lipsticks! Exfoliation of those lips is KEY, especially in the winter months! 🙂


I love the product, I’ve had it for close to a year now, and only now I can tell it’s running low on me! 😦


Price Point: R340

(now, at first I was NOT happy with this price especially at the moment I was buying it!) However, now I can safely say I am ok with that figure, especially considering that it has lasted me a year before it ran low on me, so that was good.

For a high end product, I think the price point is fair, I know a lot more products that do the same thing but are a lot more expensive.


Rating: 5/5

You can learn more about Six Skincare here.


Have you used any of their products? What do you use to exfoliate your lips? Let me know!


Until the next one

Live in Light and Love ❤




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