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Hello Loves ❤


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I was going through my whatsapp contact list, and I saw my sisters profile picture, being the one that I put slightly above the writing. It’s simple, it’s to the point.



It made me think. It’s true. Sometimes we just have to forget about everything that we do for everybody else, and just do something for ourselves. Another quote I remember as I am typing this, is from the movie The Other Woman, where Nicki Minaj is talking to Cameron Diaz in her office and Nicki says:


“Selfish People Live Longer”

Sometimes you need to do just that. Be selfish, you have to take care of yourself FIRST, before you can take care of anyone else. The act of being “selfish” in this manner, simply means looking out for yourself, so that you can be in a better place FOR YOURSELF, to take care of another person. How do you expect a broken person, to help you mend your broken heart? It just doesn’t happen. However, how much better and fulfilling is it to receive motivating words from someone who has been through heartbreak, but has healed and is now helping YOU heal? MUCH better than from a broken person.


Do it for you. Live the life you imagined. What’s stopping you? Be SELFISH.



“Do it for the person you are today. Do it for the person you will be tomorrow. Do it for yourself, no one else”. ❤


Cleanse your soul and remember, you are only human, there’s only so much you can do. The rest, leave it up to God, Allah, your Higher Power, however what YOU CAN CONTROL, do it.


For you.


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤


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4 thoughts on “DO IT FOR YOU| Reflection Sundays

  1. I’ve recently started applying this in my life. I’m tired of living for everyone and trying to please others just because. I no longer follow norms but instead I do whatever it is that makes my happy .Lovely post.Oh and I’m happy to report that my listening skills are improving. Thanks again hun 🙂

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