A Letter to my Younger Self…



(Lol, yes… that’s me back in the day…)

Letter to my 14 year old self…

Dear Katli honey,

I am writing this letter to you, fully aware that you might not believe a WORD I say, or even trust my intentions! Hahaha. I know you are probably interested in what I’m going to say, so please, trust me and just READ this letter Katli okay? Good. πŸ™‚

Firstly, being an adult, is honestly NOT that cool. Yes, you will be driving soon and I know how you can’t wait for that, but you’re eventually going to hate it, because it isn’t too great to be stuck in traffic every morning on your way to work! You are going to have a LOT more responsibilities, and it’s going to get tough at times, but I know you, you’re a fighter, you’ll get through this and kick booty while you’re at it!!

Those pimples!!! Girl!!! That acne, that skin that’s been making you so insecure, listen, that’s going to go away!! You are going to have great skin once the puberty bug is over! Yea it sucks, I know, but you are going to flourish into a beautiful young woman/woman. You also better wear out ALL those sneakers, and football t-shirts and bandanas because you won’t be wearing them later! You will be wearing heels and all those good shoes and clothes honey! LOL! So enjoy the tomboyish phase now, it won’t last forever! Oh, and importantly, you are going to learn to unequivocally LOVE your body… You will love your curves, and all the right angles you have to it…hating your body, won’t last long!

School is not the end all and be all!! All that you are going through now, the mean things that are happening to you, and the struggles you’re going through, are going to be things you’ll be laughing about in the future!! You’re going to make GREAT friends, lifetime friends, and they aren’t in high school, so its not the end! Don’t fret!! πŸ™‚ School sucks yes, but you’re going to LOVE varsity, especially what you will be studying, and your love for books, and reading, will blossom! So chill!

See that romantic you are, well, that’s pretty much going to die! Guys suck, true, and there will be many other heartbreaks coming, but you will have a stronger head and heart to deal with them! LOL, you will still be a woman fully in-tune with her emotions, and know what you want and don’t want. Love is not what you see in the movies, and what you would secretly like to happen- it isn’t. Love is hard, beautiful, but hard and will be an uphill battle, but you are going to meet some great dudes in your twenties, some you will be friends with for years πŸ™‚ So it’s going to be fun!

YOU ARE GOING TO GO TO A LOT OF INTERVIEWS!!! It’s going to stress you that even with your qualifications, you’re going to struggle finding work…You’re career is going to be rocky and bumpy shortly after you graduate, HOWEVER, it will soon stabilize and you will find yourself in a place you NEVER thought you would land up, with the strangest guy as a boss! LOL, but you are going to learn a lot from this man, and you will slowly but surely make your mark to him, and to yourself! You’re going to be just finnnnnneeeee with this one!


Continue to listen to your intuition, it’s going to serve you greatly in the future. Saying “No” is going to be your best friend, and you will eventually stop being the people pleaser you are, and you will do what you can, when you can, if you can, and acknowledge, that it’s ok, you cant be perfect for everybody. You will realise that mistakes are part and parcel of life, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Love yourself anyway. You’re going to travel, a lot, and you’re going to love it!! There will be challenges, physical and mental, but you will make it through all of them like the strong woman that you are! πŸ™‚

So relax… and enjoy the ride!!!


(P.S. This is you in the next couple of years, see, you looking pretty fresh, so relax!!:) )


I love you,

Your Older Self,



Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love ❀


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9 thoughts on “A Letter to my Younger Self…

    1. Awwww, thanks honey!!! This was a hard one for me to write. It bought back some bad and good memories, and sometimes re-living all that can be taxing emotionally.

      I’m gla you enjoyed it!! πŸ™‚


    1. Awwww Kuda! I’m glad you could relate! It was difficult for me to even write it! I’m glad it’s got such a positive effect πŸ™ŒπŸ½β€οΈ


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