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Mother’s Day in the Valley (2)

M 12


Hello Everyone! 🙂


I hope you enjoyed the first installment of the blog post regarding Mother’s day in the Valley. If you have not yet seen this post, it’s best to read it first, here. So continuing on to the Saturday we were there, we woke up rather late (slept in a little, I mean, why not, we on holiday right? lol). We headed to breakfast a little late, and had a BIG breakfast! From starting off with yoghurt and fruits, to a full on English and then tea and pastries as an end! It was amaze-balls! lol.




After leaving the lodge, we took a little drive around the area, to take in the sights and sounds, and the first stop was “MAROPENG” Visitor Centre.


Maropeng means- “returning to the place of origin” in Setswana, one of South Africa’s official languages.



Essentially Maropeng is a visitors centre where you ‘go back in time, from the start of the universe, some 14 billion years ago, to the present and beyond’ (as explained on the website).


Esentially the tour exposes you to interactive displays, of what happened when, and the evolution of mankind. Maropeng is situated in the “Cradle of Humankind” a World Heritage Site.







My aunt getting her knowledge in for the day! lol





Then we went underground on a “walk back in time…” and an underground boat water ride 🙂 This was fun, even though my aunt wasn’t too thrilled! Lol, she was more “afraid” than thrilled! LOL



Ungerground Boat Ride 🙂






After the 1:30min tour, we had to quickly rush back to the Lodge as we had booked Spa Massages for 2pm…. So we quickly dashed back to the Lodge. This however, was a great moment, it was enjoyable for me to watch my aunt have such a good time!


Afternoon At the Spa 🙂


M 17


For me, the Valley Lodge and Spa, still remains one of the best Spas I have seen…. It has the perfect colours, accents, even just walking into the place and looking around, already brings a sense of calm and relaxation. We visited the Spa for a few treatments, and I treated my aunt to some relaxation time! Which she loved! :

M 18


M 19


M 20


That basically brings us to the end of this travel diaries blog post series! 🙂 After this nothing much was done but take long walks, and go out for dinner… 🙂


I hope you enjoyed this edition of the travel diaries series!!! 🙂


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤



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