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Good morning guys!! 🙂


I know I have been a little inconsistent with my posts lately, but it was a rather rough and difficult time in my family and I haven’t been able to upload as consistently, and I had to be away from the blog and the YouTube channel for a while.. However, everything is now back to regular programming! 🙂


Starting with the latest video from #BEAUTYCORNERSA, the beauty and Lifestyle channel that I have with my sister, which is about all things beauty and lifestyle related! The latest video is about what i put on my face, what skincare I use,, as per the request of Nangamso Phakathi.


Do check it out!!!

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Til the next one,

Live in Light and Love ❤



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  1. Okay I seriously need to develop a good routine fro my face. I’ve been called out by the revlon setting powder. (its deva-ish like that, refuses to set neglected skin)
    I think I’ll do a review on it. Now if i could just find a student budget friendly brand of regimen i can stick to and run with. My wallet can’t take anymore trial and error!

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni |


    1. LOL! I think thats the challenge with skincare, you might have to just spend a lot til you get the right products that work for you! Do the review! I haven’t used a Revlon Setting Powder, and would love to read a review from a brown baby on it! Do it! good luck on the skin journey to beautiful healthy looking skin! 🙂


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