My TOP 10 Guilty Pleasures



Guilty pleasures


Hello everyone! πŸ™‚


Was thinking of doing a little light hearted blog post and I was thinking earlier about some of my favourite guilty pleasures, and thought that i should do a blog post about it! I’m sure we ALL have guilty pleasures! Things we love to do, and don’t even feel guilty about it, most of the time! hahaha! I’ve got 10 of some of my favourite guilty pleasures, so this is a rather personal one, but I’d love to share it anyway! How fitting that as I write this post I’m singing along (in my head) to Beyonce’s “Sorry” (I aint sorry!) LOL


Lets get started!!! πŸ™‚

  1. LATE NIGHT McFlurry and McDonalds visits after a party, or when feeling “Bingey”-

I do this! I am guilty shame! LOL, I don’t normally eat Mc’Ds a lot but every now and again, I will indulge and get myself a burger and chips from there! I never pass the opportunity to pass through McD’s after a long night out with friends, or when I’m having a bad day, and want ice-cream, McFlurry ALWAYS does the trick! πŸ™‚

GP 6




It seems the older I get, the more easily my feet get cold! I can even do this is the middle of summer! and I will put on two pairs of socks! I don’t even think twice about it! It’s become SUCH a habit!



I SHAMELESSLY do this!!! I am black, and from when I was younger, I would always see my mother take those things everytime we went away on holiday with my parents! So, I grew up doing the same thing! *hides* , actually, no!! I’m not ashamed to say I do that, even til today, it helps when people come over and don’t have any of those things, and they stay over, I can easily just hand them one of those! LOL!!


Ok, so, we all know almost everyone has their sing along moments when they are in the car, however, I don’t do it all the time, I HARDLY EVER sing along out loud in the car- I’m normally singing in my head! BUT when I’m listening to TEDDP P, best BELIEVE I will sing at the TOP of my voice! LOL, come rain or shine, sick or not sick, sitting in traffic with people looking at me like I am crazy or not, I WILL SING TO TEDDY P! LOL!



I’m soooooo guilty of this!!! and I’m sure many other people are too! I always distract myself when I KNOW, VERY WELL, that I have so much to do, but I’d rather just… watch another episode of The Big Bang Theory, or paint my nails, or go to the mall, or visit my friend! Anything rather than just GETTING the job done! LOL. I’m soo guilty! Sorry (I ain’t sorry).

6. Sleeping In On The Weekend

Guilty! So tell me if anyone else does this! LOL. I DELIBERATELY set my alarm on for 6am on a sat and sun morning, JUST so that I have the pleasure of waking up when it goes off, just to switch it off again, turn around and go back to sleep! LOL.

GP 2
view from my bed- mornings like this are perfect…



Guilty! Sorry (I aint sorry), lol. I know that these shows do not at all promote any positive meesages, but you will catch me watching them after a bad day at work, or when I just want to clock out, de stress AND LAUGH! Like the real housewives of ATL, New York, Basketball Wives of LA, all those kind of shows!!


Guilty!!! I love flowers! More especially Orchids (well, duh) and White Roses! I often buy flowers for my place, because I love the aura and colour that flowers bring to a home! I’m guilty. I cant always expect my partner to get flowers all the time, so I will buy my own, quite a lot!



9. Over Indulging on Chocolate

Guilty!!! The “Crunchie” chocolate bar must be discontinued, seriously!!! lol, that bar is an ENGIMA in my life. It is sent here to test me… There are periods where I don’t like chocolates at all and wont eat them for months, and there are months where I’ll have a chocolate bar everyday for two weeks. CRUNCHIE. I hate you. But, I love you. Oh well *sigh*



Guilty!!! I people watch all the time…. I love walking into a shop and just watching the people around me, what they do, how they talk, what they are wearing, their mannerisms. I especially love doing this when I’m in a Bookshop. People watching to see what book who is buying. Or in a restaurant, to just watch, couples, families… who is happy, looks happy, and so on! I’m guilty… and I sometimes get so lost in it! LOL *hides*



That’s it!

Do you have any GUILTY PLEASURES you would like to share? If you are a blogger reading this, please do one and let me know, I’d love to read it! I’m nosy like that! πŸ™‚


Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love ❀


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7 thoughts on “My TOP 10 Guilty Pleasures

  1. lol! I love this post, we share a few guilty pleasures: #1, 3, 5 and 10.
    I love watching what people have in their shopping basket at the grocery store, and try figure out what type of people they are/how they’re lives are like. lol!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL!!!! YUP! I love people watching in restaurants! I look at how people are dressed, what food they’re getting, what alcohol they drink… and I try to make sense of what kind of people they are from what they eat! I thought I was the only one who did that! LOL


  2. Lol I just laughed reading this.Im guilty of 1,3,5,6,8 and 10.I’d be guilty of 9 in the past,but I stopped eating chocolate as it causes more breakouts on my skin.Great one doll πŸ™‚


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