THE Palace (Part 2)






Hello again! 🙂

If you are a lover of my travel diaries post, you are (I’m sure by now) aware of my trip to The Palace of the Lost City over a month ago. If not, you can view this post here. I think it will be beneficial to read that one first before getting into this one! 🙂


I was asked by a few people to do a second installment of the trip, as I did take lots of photos while I was there, so I decided to humbly oblige. 🙂


This post will just be photos, and descriptions from each one! To my avid travellers, enjoy! ❤




This image was taken off my phone, when we arrived that evening at the hotel. It was around 7:30 pm and we were just dropping our bags and heading out for dinner! That’s my little sister in the image, she follows me everywhere. LOL!



As, stated, these images were taken off my phone, so the quality isn’t what I’d prefer it to be, however this is a shot of the bathroom. The finishings in this hotel was what draw my attention the most. You could tell that attention to detail, was vital in the decorations and finishings of The Palace.



There are very few things I love more than a impeccably set out table. I was so impressed I HAD to take a snap!


The hotel grounds are amazing. The view when I took this image of my brother and the background, was something wonderful to behold. It was just too beautiful not to take a picture!



Can you say “Royal Touch”. Over and over again… this was a “ooooh” amd “aaaaah” moment! LOL


Lounging by the pool, but not swimmimg. lol


Me and the little one. I told you she always follows me around, lol.


Family snaps with our giant elephant friend 🙂


One of the many walks we took that weekend…

Thats it for this edition of Travel Diaries! There will be another soon about another trip I went on not so long ago! 🙂


Until the next one,


Live in Light, and Love ❤



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