MOTD- Makeup Of The Day- Wedding

OOTD/ MOTD- Wedding Bells!



Oh Hello Hi!!!


How you doing? As I write this, I’m not feeling the best, but I will be good. Just not having the best of days, I’m not feeling well, physically. Anyhoo, I’ll be alright! I thought I should do a blog post on my MOTD (makeup of the day) for an occasion I attended. I was going to a wedding that day (which ended up being BEAUTIFUL! I didn’t take pictures though, I mean, come on, privacy you know). So, I thought it would be a nice idea to take you through what I had on my face that day.

I will provide pictures where possible 🙂



Of course, for a wedding day, my face candy application and products used went up, like a “GAZILLION” Times! Liie I literally Caked Up my face! LOL, go big or go home right?!

I will give you a step by step process of what i used on my face 🙂

Step 1:

Face Primer.

MR 11


Primer. The Body Shop’s WonderBlur Primer, which I put more of especially on the oily parts of my Face, T-Zone.







Step 2:



Primer- I then moved to base my eyelids with Eyeshadow primer and I used this one, The Body Shop’s “Instablur All-In-One Eye Primer”. It is great for making your eyeshadow last a lot longer on your lids with cracking or “separating”.




InglotThen I followed with eye shadow palette (Inglot Freedom System Palette) and I used the 3rd and 4th colours on the bottom row on the lid of my eyes, and the first colour on the top row (champagne like) on the inner corners of my eyes to give a pop of colour! On the crease I used the dark matte brown colour on the bottom row.

Price dependent on how many colours you choose




Step 3:


IMG_0137Once I finished with my eyes, I then went for liquid foundation this time, and went with my trusted “Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF15”. My shade is 6.5 “Warm Almond”. I love this foundation. It is slightly darker and more orange than my skin tone, but evens out and oxidizes PERFECTLY once I follow with the Sheer Finish Pressed Powder in “Soft Honey” also from BB. Price: R495




Step 4:

Concealer and “Under Eye” Translucent Setting Powder




Now, before putting on my Final face setting powder which is the BB Sheer Finish Pressed Powder in “Soft Honey”, I put on concealer and “bake it” with translucent setting powder thereafter. I use the LA GIRL Pro Conceal in the shade “fawn” to brighten up the area below my eyes. and then SET it with the Yardley Translucent Loose Powder. After a minute or two I brush away the access powder. Concealer Price: R39.95. Translucent Powder: R129.95









Step 5:


MAC Brows BB

As you already know, for my brows I use the MAC Brow pencil in “Spiked” and to darken it a little, may add the Fluid Line in Dip Down.

Step 6:



After concealer and “baking” as it’s called in the makeup world, I will then apply my powder contour, and I use the Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in “Dark” as a contour, as it is darker than my skintone, and is sooooo soft and such a fine powder that a little goes a LONG way with this one! 🙂 I love it! I contour just below my cheek bone, in the hollows of my cheeks, a little on my jaw line bone, and forehead. Price: R525

Step 7:



IMG_0134I love this step of my makeup routine!! Making my face look like a disco ball! hahaha, ok not that extreme, but I love highlighting and giving sparkle to the high sharp points of my face like the tops of my cheek bone, tip of my nose, cupids bow, and a little on my forehead! It gives the most beautiful glow when you’re out in the sun, and the sun fits your face! Whoooooo girl! I love the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in “Bronze” for the BEST bronzing glow! You only need a little with this product, it is SO pigmented! Price: R675


Step 8:


TF Palette 2


Final step was the listick application and I used MAC’s “Sin” lipstick, which is a matte finish. On the picture (swatches), it is the darkest colour, on the right of my hand. ❤





That is it for all the products I have on my face…! Lol, it is indeed a LOT but the occasion callled for it! 🙂



That is it from me! 🙂

What do YOU use on your face when you dolling up? Whats your most favourite part of your makeup application process? Let me know! Plus if you would like to see more videos like this one, PLEASE let me know! 🙂


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love ❤


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