Beauty Review (2) – Tom Ford “Cognac Sable”



TF Palette 1

“I don’t pop molly i rock Tom Ford”- Jay Z

Hello lovelies! πŸ™‚


Every time i say the words Tom Ford I think about that song! Every time!! Lol.
I’ll try to get through this post without thinking about it… ok, lets go!


So the beauty product up for review today is the Tom Ford Eye Quad in “Cognac Sable”.

I bought this product a few months ago as a little “splurge” and spoiling myself item, after having a rather stressful week. Little did I know how much I would LOVE this product πŸ™‚ Its beautiful! Not only does the packaging take your breath away because its sleek, and reflects why you would pay an arm and a leg for this product. It comes with a suede pouch to protect the packaging, (snazzy much TF? lol), and looks very elegant. Β  Β The colours are unlike ANYTHING I’ve ever laid my eyes on and the palette itself has a great mix of colours. The best part is that included is a dark colour (bottom right), which helps smoke out your eye for a smokey look.


TF 4


Very versatile, this palette screams “Autumn/Winter”! The colours are incredible and the pigmentation is ridiculously out of this world. Super SUPER soft and finely milled, I was surprised that the pigmentation was so heavy, I wasn’t expecting it. You can glam it up during the day with this palette, or smoke it out in the evening, with a little gold dust in the centre of your eyelid. It’s beautiful… I love warm tones on my eyelids, so this one was a total love at first sight! You would worry about fall out especially considering the glittery copper colour on the top right, however, I was pleasantly surprised when there was little to no fall out. Excellently crafted! The texture is incredibly smooth, yet tightly pressed, so it doesn’t appear “flimsy”.


TF 5


I must mention the downside. The price. This eye shadow quad will set you back a whopping R700 bucks. It’s crazy, its ridiculous I know!! Hence why I said it was definitely a SPLURGE item for me. I don’t see myself buying another one of these, purely because of the price, however, the punch you get inside this palette is worth it, for sure. A stunning palette, worth all the great reviews it has gotten!


There are definitely other brands that you can try out with these colours, that are much less than the TF palette, but even just one makeup splurge item wouldn’t hurt πŸ™‚



(the price was a let down)


Until the next Beauty Review,


Live in Light and Love ❀


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    1. You know doll, I ALWAYS forget to do swatches, and then remember then when I’m typing out the blog post and adding the pics…! There will be some in the future though, because I felt that the colours on the picture are very true to how it actually looks! πŸ™‚


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